Four Seasons Lesson Plans for Preschool - Teach About the Seasons

Four Seasons Lesson Plans for Preschool - Teach About the Seasons
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Four Seasons Lesson Plans

Kids are exposed to the many changes that come with the seasons every day of their lives, so why not use what they already know to teach them valuable lessons in the classroom? These four seasons lesson plans for preschool incorporate spring, summer, fall, and winter into daily activities and focus on specific aspects of the seasons to help children relate to nature and their environment.

Spring Lesson Plans

The spring season lends itself to lessons about the environment, rain showers and other weather, butterflies and other insects, animals, budding trees and flowers, outdoor themes, and holidays such as Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, and Easter. The following articles offer suggestions for spring lesson plans for your class. [caption id=“attachment_130322” align=“aligncenter” width=“640”]Tackle these four seasons lesson plans for preschool Learn about fun Spring activities[/caption]

Summer Lesson Plans

Summer time is on the way and most kids can’t wait for it to arrive! Take advantage of their excitement and weave some of these fun summer lesson plans into your teaching time. Summer lessons include subjects such as sun safety, going to the beach, camping, outdoor sports, traveling on vacations, favorite cool treats, birds, animals, and holidays like Memorial Day and Father’s Day. Here are a few of Bright Hub’s ideas to get you started.

Fall Lesson Plans

The autumn season is a popular theme for many lesson plans. Kids love learning about the colorful falling leaves, harvest time foods like pumpkins and apples, changes that happen in the weather as it cools, and animals that hibernate. Fall lesson plans also include back-to-school themes, fire prevention, and popular holidays such Halloween, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving. Visit the links below to find some of our best fall lesson plans for kids. [caption id=“attachment_129813” align=“aligncenter” width=“300”]Learn about these four seasons lesson plans for preschool Pumpkins and other fun fall activities[/caption]

Winter Lesson Plans

Winter is an excellent time to teach kids about cool topics such as learning about animals that live in colder climates, how to dress for the cold, charity and giving to others, and snow and ice themed lessons. Other popular lesson plans focus on the many holidays that take place in the winter months such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, President’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. The following articles are a few winter lesson plans to use with your students.

Supporting Material for Seasons Lesson Plans

In addition to having an expansive library that includes all four seasons of lesson plans, Bright Hub also has quite a few additional seasonal materials that will work well to support your lessons about spring, summer, fall, and winter. Below you will find supporting material for all four seasons such as activities, ideas for setting up and using your science center, dramatic play suggestions, tips for decorating your classroom with seasonal themes, and free printable books and worksheets.

Bright Hub Education also has a large number of activities and crafts for kids that will complement these four seasons of lesson plans.