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Will Durant once said, “Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”

Bright Hub Education strives to be a part of your educational process, as you journey from young child to young adult, from beginning teacher to accomplished educator, and from new parent to experienced caregiver or homeschool provider. Articles are written to the reader perspective, based on the experiences, research and advice of educators, childcare professionals, parents, and students. In addition, all content is vetted and reviewed by educators and professional editors whose goal is to provide you with useful expert-driven educational content you will turn to again and again.

Teachers will find lesson plans, teaching units, classroom management techniques, student assessment tools, special education information, and more. You’ll find ideas for preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and junior and senior high school.

Parents will find advice on early education, from developmental milestones, to helping your child memorize sight words, to assessing grade-level readiness and helping with early reading and writing struggles. Our homeschooling area offers a wealth of knowledge for those just beginning home education to experienced educators on the lookout for the latest in curriculum and activity ideas. We tackle the teens too, with tips on helping your student manage the pressure of schoolwork, exam schedules, activities and peer pressure.

Students will appreciate the large library of study guides and tips in our homework help area covering a wide variety of subjects, including math, history, science, literature, social studies, French, Spanish, German and Latin. From mnemonic tricks, to printable flash cards and quizzes, to detailed literary analysis and chapter summaries, you will find content you can rely on, much of it written by educators who are teaching and grading the very subject you are trying to understand.


Bright Hub Education began as Bright Hub, Inc., formed in 2007 as a diverse content site with education at its core. The natural progression of the Bright Hub site led to the development of this independent website, www.brighthubeducation.com, launched in 2012 and focused solely on the topic of education, from early learning through 12th grade.

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