Strategies & Advice on Homeschooling

Home education, or homeschooling, is a preferred educational choice for millions of households in the United States and is as diverse as the many students that are increasingly taught in a homeschool environment. Reasons for educating children at home often stem from a desire to provide a more individualized and tailored approach to education and can include religious reasons, special education needs or ‘unschooling’ philosophies. If you are researching and trying to decide if this method of education is right for you and your child, you may be surprised at just how much there is to know. Once you’ve decided on a methodology of instruction, there are curriculum choices to make. And before you decide on a curriculum, there are education laws to learn about to ensure your program will meet the requirements of the particular state you live in. Once you do begin homeschooling, if you are providing the bulk of the instruction yourself, there’s even more to learn about, from time management and scheduling, to curriculum ideas, to juggling both formal and informal education, and the dual roles of both teacher and parent. You can remove some of the trial and error by utilizing the wealth of information and advice found at Bright Hub Education. Written and vetted by experienced homeschooling parents, you will find guidance that walks you through those first steps all the way through to college transition. Visit often, ask questions in the comment section, and discuss current topics with other homeschoolers, just like you.

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