Seasons Preschool Theme Decorating Ideas: A Changing of the Seasons Theme

Changing of the seasons is one of the most interesting and beautiful aspects of nature. These preschool decorating ideas allow preschoolers to become more aware of the four seasons and the timeframe of how each season fits into the year. Following these tips and suggestions will help you to decorate your classroom in a fun way that you and the students get to change around periodically to keep things interesting and fresh.

Note: This information is based on seasons in the Northern Hemisphere.

Season Facts/Dates

  • The first day of Autumn (Fall) is about September 22nd or 23rd.
  • The first day of Winter is about December 21st or 22nd.
  • The first day of Spring is about March 20th.
  • The first day of Summer is about June 20th or 21st.

Seasonal Classroom Decorating Tips

– Get a large piece of brown butcher paper and draw/ cut-out a large tree with branches.Securely attach it to a wall in the classroom.**If there is space – try bringing in a real tree to decorate!

– Use green paper to cut out large bushes to put along another wall.These two pieces can stay in place throughout the year.

– Trace a few students on paper to create life-size cut outs of people/children.Give them faces and hair and attach them somewhere on the wall.

Next, the students will help decorate the tree and bushes according to the seasons.Discuss each season before creating the decorations so the students understand why they are making the items.When you are referring to or reading a book about a season, you can point out what is inside the classroom as well as the real environment outside the classroom to help make connections.

FALL – Students can make leaves of red, brown, and yellow for you to attach to the tree.Talk about what kinds of clothes people wear in fall and make clothes and “dress” paper people on the walls accordingly.

WINTER – Take down the leaves.During the first snowfall you can have students practice cutting skills by cutting out snowflakes for the tree.Students can decorate snowmen and hang them on the walls.Bring in the white fluffy “fake snow” to place in the classroom.Add hats, boots, and warm coats to the paper people. Towards the end of winter you can take off the snow and leave the trees bare for a couple weeks.

SPRING – Hang swirls of colorful paper from the ceiling to represent wind.Change the cut-out people’s clothes to a lighter jacket and pants.Have students create green leaves for the tree.

SUMMER – Have students create lots of flowers to put on the bushes and all around the room.Create a gigantic sun to hang on the ceiling.Give the paper people bathing suits or shorts and t-shirts to wear.

This is a basic overview of how you can transform your classroom over the year to correspond with the changing of the seasons.There are so many ways to bring in more creative ideas depending on the materials available to you.You can also add holidays to the decorations if it is not against school policy.Allow the students to help brainstorm ideas to give them ownership over the room.

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