Ideas for Seasonal Preschool Bulletin Boards: Simple Ideas to Celebrate the Change of Seasons

You can use simple preschool bulletin board ideas to update and decorate your classroom. Bulletin boards should be easy to make and require little time to do. Here are some seasonal bulletin board ideas to use throughout the school year.


A pumpkin themed bulletin board is a great way to start. Have your students paint pictures of pumpkins for a bulletin board. You can also cut out pumpkins and glue pictures of the students to them and title it, “My Pumpkin Patch.” Another idea is to first plant some pumpkin seeds in your classroom. Give each student a cut out of a pumpkin and have them write how long they think it will take for the pumpkins to grow, and they can glue seeds to the pumpkin. You can then put these up on an autumn bulletin board.

Cornucopias are another great theme. Have your preschoolers color a cornucopia and write or draw what they are thankful for.


Snowmen are a great theme for a winter bulletin board. This would be a great time to teach your preschool class about circles. Have students decorate a snowman using different shapes for hats, arms, and clothing.

Another great theme is to use snowflakes. Use this to teach about the different types of precipitation. Place a rain or snow gauge outside depending on the climate you live in. Have students make a weather journal and record the weather each day. Then, have students cut and decorate their own snowflakes to put on the bulletin board.


A rain themed bulletin board is great for spring. Have each student make a raindrop for each student and write or draw why we need rain for the bulletin board. You could also have students make and decorate umbrellas with something they like to do on a rainy day.

Have students make and decorate their own flowers. Have them write one thing a flower needs to grow. If you have some space, plant a small flower garden.


Make an ice cream cone for each student using construction paper. Place one or two scoops of ice cream on each cone and have them write or draw their favorite activities from the past year. Talk about activities you have done throughout the year. If you have pictures, it would be a good idea to show them to help them remember everything they have done.

An ocean themed bulletin board is great for summer. This would be a great time to teach about ocean life and food chains. Have students make and label a food chain with three levels to place on the bulletin board.

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