Shapes & Colors Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

Use these preschool bulletin boards on colors and shapes to help your students learn to recognize and reinforce the various types of colors and shapes. You can choose from teacher or student created bulletin boards.

Shape Find Bulletin Board


  • Camera
  • Die cut shapes
  • Printer


Students will participate in making this one. After teaching shape names, assign each student a shape. Some students will have the same shape. Have them look around the classroom to find the shape they were assigned. They can also look outside. Once students have found the shape they are looking for, take a picture of them with the shape, focusing on the shape.

Print out the pictures and put them up on the bulletin board along with a die cut shape beside the picture. For example, group the square pictures together with a die cut square above or beside the photos. A great title for this bulletin board would be, “Super Shape Detectives.”

Sizing Up Shapes Bulletin Board


  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Die cut shapes
  • Butcher paper or construction paper


To make this one, start by dividing the bulletin board into fourths using the ribbon. You can also use yarn. Choose four shapes that you have been teaching or want students to learn. You are going to cut out different sizes of the four shapes. Include large, medium, and small sizes. Use the die cut machine and cut some out on your own using the butcher or construction paper. Then, place the shapes in their section on the bulletin board. For example, if you chose circles, place all the different sizes of circles in the circle section. Repeat this for the three other shapes.

Use this one as a teaching aid. You can quiz students to identify the shapes on the bulletin board. You can also help them understand that the size of the shape does not matter. A circle is a circle no matter how big or small it is. A great title for this bulletin board would be, “Sizing Up Shapes.”

Monochromatic Masterpiece Bulletin Board


  • Construction paper
  • Various art materials
  • Crayons/markers
  • Glue or glue sticks


This bulletin board is wonderful to do as you are teaching colors. Have students create a monochromatic picture. Assign students a color that you have been teaching. Then, give students a piece of construction paper in their assigned color. Have students design a picture using the art materials, crayons, and markers that you have provided. Some good choices for art materials include sequins, pom poms, and fun foam pieces.

Students can only use materials in the color that you have assigned them. For example, if you assigned the color red, then only red crayons, red markers, and red art materials. Display students’ artwork on the board titled, “Cool Color Pictures.”

Create a Crayon Bulletin Board


  • Butcher paper in various colors
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Markers


Gather butcher paper in various colors to make the “crayons.” The crayons you make should measure about twelve inches long from the tip to the end of the crayon. You can always adjust the length depending on the size of the bulletin board you are using.

Cut the butcher paper into a crayon shape, which is a rectangle with a triangle at the end. Use a black marker to create the paper that wraps around the crayon. To teach color words, write the name of the color on the crayon. You can even use the actual color to write the name on the crayon depending on how it shows up on the paper. A fun touch would be to draw a squiggly line at the tip of the crayon. For example, place a squiggly purple line at the tip of the purple crayon.

Place the crayons on the bulletin board. A fun title would be “Crazy Crayons.” Take time each day to review the colors you have placed up on the bulletin board. Quiz students about colors as they line up to go different places.

Get creative making these color and shape bulletin boards in your classroom. They are fun and educational too.

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