Easy Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool That Can be Left Up All Year

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Use these preschool bulletin board ideas at the beginning of the school year. Put them up and all they will need is a little bit of updating throughout the year.

Tree Bulletin Board

Something that can be placed on a bulletin board and left up all year is a tree. You can use the tree to teach seasons, and it would need minimal changes throughout the year.

For fall, make one or two leaves for each student in the class. Have students write or draw pictures of something they like to do in the fall. For winter, place ornaments or snowflakes on the tree. Have students write or draw something they can do to help others. For spring, make a flower for each student. Have students write or draw something that happens in spring. For summer, make a small kite for each student. Have students write or draw one thing they are going to do with their family or friends during the summer.

All About Me Bulletin Board

Other things that can be left up all year include an All about Me bulletin board. Use it to highlight a student of the week. After every student has been used, change it to an All about Us bulletin board, and place classroom news on the bulletin board. Encourage children to bring in happy news from home to put up on the bulletin board.

Reading Bulletin Boards

Have a list of books that you will read to students. Have strips that have a thumbs up and a thumbs down. After you read each book, have your students circle thumbs up or thumbs down. Underneath that, have them draw a picture of their favorite part of the book, or if they didn’t like it, have them draw a picture of what they didn’t like.

Math Bulletin Boards

A math bulletin board is something else that can be left up all year with minimal changes. A number line or a number chart would be one great thing to put on that. A calendar should also be put on this bulletin board. This would be a great addition to morning routine. It can be used to teach days of the week, months of the year, and the meaning of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Social Studies Bulletin Boards

Social studies bulletin boards should focus on community and community helpers. Post the classroom rules on your social studies board. As students make good choice at school and at home, have them draw a picture and write about what they did.

Science Bulletin Boards

Focus on the very basic aspects of the scientific method. Have a spot for students to come and hang their hypotheses as you start an experiment. Make the sheet very basic. If you were doing an experiment with plant growth, have a strip where students fill in the blank with the number of days they think it would take the plant to grow. Also have a place for experiment results. Have a basic sheet where they write the actual number of days it took for the plant to grow and a space for them to draw a picture of what the plant needed to grow. This is a great way to review before you do a new experiment. Change it as you do new experiments.

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