All About Me Theme Scrapbook: A Project For Your Preschool Classroom

Preschoolers are at the age where they are learning about their place in the world. A great way to encourage this self-awareness in

Help Your Students Make Scrapbooks

your kids, is with a cross-curriculum All About Me project. At the end of this unit, preschoolers will have created a scrapbook about themselves that they can share with others.

All About Me Bulletin Board Before beginning the unit, ask parents to send in a baby and a current picture of their preschooler. Randomly place pictures on a bulletin board. Preschoolers, parents, and class visitors will have fun trying to match the pictures. Before placing pictures to the bulletin board, make copies and keep for scrapbook.

MathMeasure and record height and weight of each preschooler.

You can create all types of charts for this lesson – hair color, eye color, and number of siblings are a few ideas.

Writing Write a story about their family.

Create a vital statistics page for their All About Me theme scrapbook. This is a good way for them to practice their address, phone number, parents' names, and birthday.

Create a bio page for their scrapbook. They can write about their favorite and least favorite things, best friends, pets, siblings, etc.

Careers/Community HelpersPreschoolers can talk about what kind of work their parents do and what they want to be when they grow up.

ArtDraw, color or paint a picture of their family.

Create an illustration of what they want to be when they grow up.

Design and decorate the All About Me theme scrapbook cover and pages.

Geography Send a survey home asking where parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents came from. Has the family lived in any other state? Display a map and identify each location with colored push pins.

Parent Project At the beginning of this All About Me project, ask parents to write a short letter to their child. They could write about what their child was like as a baby, how much they have grown, what their first word was, or tell a funny or sweet story. Have them end with something special about their child. Make a copy of this letter for the scrapbook and return the original. Read these letters during circle time.

Take-home All About Me Scrapbook Collect all pictures, surveys, vital statistics, bio pages,and letter from parents. Create a small scrapbook for each child to keep. Preschoolers and parents may appreciate a little note from you in the back of the book as well.