My Community Lesson Plans: Where Do I Live?

Circle Time: Learning About My Town

Discuss the world globe and map, pointing out the continent, the country, the state and the approximation of the city. Explain to the children that they will be discovering the world, and community in which they live. Today's lesson is about the city, town or rural community where they go to school, church, shop and live. Open a discussion on the types of homes people live in, such as a house, mobile home, apartment, log home or farm house. Talk about different terrains and climates, as the mountains, deserts, tropics and arctic regions.

New words to introduce are address, town, community, landmarks and compass.

Ask each child to say their complete address. Have a list of the children's addresses ready to help those who need to learn it. Throughout the day, activities will provide an opportunity to review their addresses. Read the story, Where Do I Live? by Neil Chesanow.

Activity: My House

These are the items you will need: Small paper bags, newspaper for stuffing the bag, pre-cut "roof" from brown construction paper, crayons and glue. The children will draw windows, doors, curtains, flowers or whatever they desire to individualize their "home". Help each child to attach the roof and glue it to the stuffed bag. With a permanent marker, write the child's name and address on the roof. As each "home" is completed, display them around the classroom in "neighborhoods", some in the front, back, left and right of the room.

Social Studies: The Compass

Teach the children the cardinal directions by using this mnemonic device as a tip to remember "left and right". Ask them to hold out their hands pushing their palms away, with fingers stretched out. Holding only the index finger and thumb, fold down other fingers. The hand that forms an "L" is the left. Have them chant "left is west, left is west". As you display direction signs, north in the front of the classroom, explain to the children that south is opposite of north and east is opposite of west. Call on each child to say their address again, ask in what direction is their "home" as they locate it.

Suggested books:

As the Crow Flies: A First Book of Maps by Gail Hartman

Mapping Penny's World by Loreen Leedy

Where Do I Live? by Neil Chesanow

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