Kindergarten Lesson Plans on Our Country, The United States

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Circle Time Teaching

In the Learning About My World unit, we cover in this lesson My Country, America. Begin each day by singing the National Anthem or other patriotic songs. The goal is to help the children develop pride and a love for their country, by learning about the flag, national landmarks, presidents and history of the country.

Show where the United States is on the map, review the cardinal directions and open a discussion on other ways a map can be used, such as a treasure map or a map of exits in a building.

Discuss and show pictures of national landmarks such as the Liberty Bell, White House and the Statue of Liberty. Present a dollar bill and point out the picture of George Washington, our first president. Explain that our country’s foundation was based on freedom and “One Nation Under God”. In “God We Trust” is written on our money.

As you show the children an American flag, explain what the stars and stripes represent.

Read the story The Story of the American Flag by John Herman, as this will lead to the activity that follows.

Flag Craft

The children will make their own flag. You will need white construction paper and precut red strips, blue rectangles, star stickers and glue. If desired, flags may be taped to long straws and used to march to a patriotic song of your choice.

Math Idea

As you show the class a large “quarter”, review the picture of George Washington and the writings on the coin, just as they learned earlier about the dollar bill. Have them count to 25. You will also need for each child, a quarter, white sheet of copy paper and crayon or pencil, to created “rubbings” of the coin.

Resources and Book Selection

Selected sources: (The American Flag)

Suggested books:

  • Celebrate the USA by Lynn Kuntz
  • One For All by Trinda Kakes Noble
  • Our Fifty States: A Family Adventure Across America by Lynne Cheney


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