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Kindergarten Week-Long Unit on Leaves & Trees in the Fall

written by: ARobin • edited by: Laurie Patsalides • updated: 7/12/2012

This is part of a series of kindergarten lesson plans to teach harvest and autumn related ideas. This is the first of the "Leaves" series. While teaching a unit on leaves, do not forget to teach the children to appreciate the beauty of color during such a wonderful time of the year.

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    This is the first installment of a harvest series of autumn leaves. While it is only discussed when talking about the leaves on the trees, express to your children in your own way, how they should learn to appreciate the beauty of so many rich colors during the fall season.

    Here are the things that you will need to prepare for today's lesson:

    One year calendar

    Construction paper scraps

    Brown construction paper (one piece for each child)

    Pre-cut acorns, divided into two sets: one set numbered,0-9 and the second set numbered, 1-9

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    Circle Time Discussion

    Explain to the children the changes of seasons.

    Examine a calendar. Point to the months of winter, spring, summer and fall.

    Ask the children to elaborate on these questions:

    Is it cold or hot in the winter?

    Is it cold or hot in the summer?

    Is it cold or hot in the spring?

    Is it could or hot in the autumn?

    Explain to the children that "autumn" is also called "fall".

    Talk about things that "fall" in the fall.

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    Fall Collage

    This activity will practice fine motor skills.

    Instruct the children to tear a variety of colored construction paper into little squares.

    Glue the torn squares on to brown construction paper.

    Encourage children to make collages that are as colorful as possible.

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    Math Skills

    Create a math game by using pre-cut acorns and follow the instructions listed in the introduction above.

    This game will teach children to recognize two-digit numbers.

    To perform this math activity, put two acorns together to form a two-digit number. Call upon each child to identify the number.

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    Language Skills

    Discuss autumn. Ask the children for descriptive words about autumn. Write the words on board or chart.

    Sing this song:

    To the tune of "London Bridges")

    Red, yellow, orange and brown

    Orange and brown, Orange and brown

    Red, yellow orange and brown

    So many leaves are falling!

    Scoop them up and make a pile

    Make a pile, Make a pile

    Scoop them up and make a pile

    So many leaves are falling!

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    Suggested Reading

    Clifford's First Autumn by Norman Birdwell

    Do Cows Turn Colors In The Fall? by Viki Woodworth