How Squirrels Gather Nuts in the Fall: A Kindergarten Lesson for Autumn

How Squirrels Gather Nuts in the Fall: A Kindergarten Lesson for Autumn
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Materials List and Lesson Preparation

Continuing the discussion of colorful leaves and the variety of trees, today’s lesson will add squirrels and nuts to the week. Here are a list of the things that you will need in order to present this lesson to its fullest capacity.

  • Plush toy squirrel
  • Reproducible acorn picture
  • Brown construction paper
  • Package of sand (can be located in the craft aisle of your local hobby store)
  • Poster board
  • Die cut leaves
  • Dice
  • Die cut acorns

Circle Time Discussion

  • Its-fall-linda-glaser

    Discuss that nuts come from trees, and they fall from the trees in the autumn. Squirrels gather the fallen nuts and store them for the winter.

  • Explain that nuts are the tree’s seeds. Sometimes squirrels will bury nuts and forget to eat them. Then those nuts will sprout from the ground and a new tree will grow.

Sing the song (to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine”)

  • I am a squirrel, a little squirrel.
  • I gather nuts when they fall from trees.
  • In the winter, you’ll never find me
  • Cause I’m warm in my home on cold days like these.

Art Activity - Make an Acorn

  • Copy a large reproducible acorn onto brown construction paper.
  • Paint the acorn “hat” with liquid glue.
  • Cover glue with sand to form a textured acorn top.
  • Adhere wiggly eyes to the acorns.
  • Hang acorns in the classroom for display.

Falling Leaves Math Game

  • Draw a tree onto poster-board.
  • With Velcro or tape, attach removable leaves to the tree.
  • Provide dice for the children.
  • Call on one child at a time to roll the dice and pick the correct number of leaves off of the tree.

Collecting Acorns - A Language Skills Activity

  • Divide pre-cut acorns into two sets: Write capital letters on the acorns in one set, and lower case letters on the acorns of the second set.
  • Keep the capital letter acorns together.
  • Put the lower case letters in a pile on the floor.
  • Give each child a capital letter acorn. Send one or two children at a time to the pile of acorns on the floor.
  • The children should “gather” the lower case letter that matches the capital letter they are holding.

Reading Suggestions

Fall Leaves by Mary Packard

It’s Fall! by Linda Glaser

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