100+ Classroom Games for the School Year: Let's Make Learning Fun!

100+ Classroom Games for the School Year: Let's Make Learning Fun!
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While some of the classroom games listed here are for certain ages or grade levels, clever educators may find ways to provide adaptions so that these games can be enjoyed at all of the grade levels. One idea is to pair students with classroom buddies in a grade above or below them. By encouraging cooperation, children of all ages can join in the fun!

Classroom games are also a great way to involve parents, grandparents, support staff and building specialists in the learning. Consider running a game as a small-group activity led by a volunteer. Or, create versions which can be sent home for students and parents to work on playing together.

Math Games

Consider this equation: 1 great game + 1 classroom of kids = lots of learning and fun! That’s because math and classroom games go hand-in-hand. Games provide the opportunity to utilize counting skills, weigh percentages, learn math facts, calculate the odds, compare fractions and practice a host of other mathematical concepts. Many of the games offered in this section may be easily adapted for use with children at varying levels of skill and ability. There are even suggested games for those educators working with special education students in and out of the classroom.

Language Arts Games

Like math, the subjects covered in a language arts class often include skills that require memorization. For this reason, the rules for grammar, punctuation and spelling are easily incorporated into game formats. Try playing games as a means of introducing a concept, in addition to the more gneral use of test preparation or review. Here are several ideas to get you started.

Games for the Holidays

Whether you are planning a classroom party, or just looking for fun activities to keep active minds and bodies engaged, games with a holiday theme are always well received! Here, we have compiled a variety of games, covering most of the major holidays celebrated in the United States and beyond.

Foreign Languages

Foreign language learning is another subject which can benefit from learning support using games. Take a break from practice drills and conjugations to have a little fun!

To extend the learning, challenge your students to create a game of their own. Ideas for games might include chapter vocabulary, or a specific word tense.

Games for Older Students

Think your middle school or high school students are too old for games? There are actually lots of ways teachers can use games for their older students to help teach or review material. These games may also be modified to suit younger games. Try one out today!

Even More Learning Fun

Looking for more ideas to make learning fun in the classroom? The games included in this section incorporate the arts, history, and science, along with classroom games which can be adapted for more general learning and review.

Art & Music

Social Studies & Review Games:

Even More Teacher Resources:

This is just a sampling of what Bright Hub Education has to offer when it comes to classroom games for the school year. Even more can be found using our internal search mechanism. Need ideas for a specific lesson you are teaching, or have a favorite classroom game that is not mentioned here? If so, then we would love to hear from you! Be sure to visit the comments section below.


  • The articles for this guide were selected for use based on the author’s extensive experience as a classroom teacher.