Five Fun Christmas Classroom Games

Five Fun Christmas Classroom Games
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Christmas Is Coming

[caption id=“attachment_130151” align=“aligncenter” width=“640”]Christmas classroom games can be enjoyed by all Christmastime is a great time to teach kids![/caption] Christmastime is an exciting time for children - energy is up and kids are ready to be engaged. Below you’ll discover several fun Christmas classroom games you can play with your kids during the holiday season. Teachers can play one game each day leading up to the Christmas break. This only requires setting aside thirty minutes each day. Some of the games are just pure fun and some have students using their brains. Make sure you discuss good sportsmanship ahead of time so that the games go smoothly and the children know what is expected of them.

1. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

This is a Christmas version of pin the tail on the donkey. To begin, draw a picture of a reindeer on a large piece of poster board. Leave the reindeer without a nose. You don’t have to be creative nor have the best looking reindeer. Just make sure that the reindeer is hung according to the student’s average height. This gives them all a fair chance at pinning the nose on Rudolph. Give each student a red paper nose and have them write their name on it. Then put a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the nose. Blindfold each child one at a time, spin them around three times, and then let them go in the direction of the poster board. The student who places the nose closest to the correct location wins.

2. Christmas Spelling game

In place of a daily spelling lesson, write the letters C H R I S T M A S on the board. Divide your students up into two teams. Have one student from each team come up to the board and spell a word using the letters found in Christmas. Every time a student gets a word right, his or her team gets a point. The team with the most points at the end of the half hour wins. You may run out of words before the half hour is over. That’s okay!

3. Hershey Kiss Race

Another one of the fun ‘classic’ Christmas classroom games is the Hershey Kiss race. Divide your class into two teams. Have each team take a few minutes to come up with a name and then write the team names on the board. Each team needs two bowls: one empty bowl and one bowl full of Hershey Kisses. Set the bowl of Hershey Kisses before them with the empty bowl on the other side of the classroom. Have the teams line up behind the bowls of Hershey Kisses and give each team member their own plastic spoon. Tell the students they are to transfer the Hershey Kisses from one bowl to the other with their spoons. You can require the students to have the spoon in their mouths which is much harder than just using the spoon in your hands. The team that gets all of their Hershey Kisses transferred first wins.

4. Christmas Matching Game

Use construction paper and create two squares of each of the following Christmas symbols: baby Jesus, candy cane, Christmas tree, Star, Santa, Rudolph, present, stocking, holly leaves, and a snowman. Divide your class up into four teams. Have them take turns looking for matches. The team with the most matches at the end of the game wins. If your class is older you can add more symbols to make the game more challenging.

5. Fill the Stocking Game

Divide the class into four teams. Give each team a Christmas stocking. Hide stocking stuffers throughout the room or in the gymnasium if permitted. Give each student a list of the stocking stuffers that they have to find. This is just like a scavenger hunt. The first team to fill their stocking with the listed items wins the game. Additional Christmas themed activities can be found on Brighthub Education including the following articles: Preschool Christmas Activities Keep Preschoolers Counting