Verb Lesson Plan: Ideas for Fun Verb Activities in the Classroom

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Act It Out

Verb activities for kinesthetic learners abound! For example, you can write a verb on each of a stack of notecards. Then call a student up to the front of the class, and have her choose a notecard from the stack. The student should then act out the verb on the notecard. The student who guesses the verb correctly gets to act out the next verb. Verb games like this one can be fast-paced and fun for the whole class.

Verb Sort

Use the notecards from the “Act It Out” verb game and add several notecards that have forms of “to be” on them, such as “is,” “was,” “were,” and “are.” Draw a two-column chart on the board with the headings “Action Verbs” and “Linking Verbs.” Then have students help you sort the verbs into the two columns. (For more advanced students, you might want to include words like “smell,” “seem,” and “look” in these type of verb activities, as well as a third column for words that are sometimes action verbs and sometimes linking verbs.)

Verb Books

For this verb activity, provide each group of students with a dictionary, construction paper, and markers. Show students how to divide a piece of construction paper into three sections. Then instruct students to use the dictionary to find verbs that they are unfamiliar with. (Make sure that students are familiar with identifying the part of speech of a word in the dictionary.) When they find a word, have them put the verb in the top section of the paper along with a picture representing the word, the definition in the middle section of the paper, and a sample sentence using the word on the bottom section of the paper. Have students repeat this process for five new verbs, and staple them together to create a book. Have them share their books with the rest of the class.

These verb games and activities can help you teach grammar to your students in a fun and motivating way. Try them out in your classroom, and see what a difference it makes!

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