Adjective Games: Ideas for Fun Adjective Activities in the Classroom

These adjective games are a great way for students to learn more about this part of speech. Try these adjective activities at home or in the classroom to keep learning fun!

I Spy

Your students are sure to have had experience playing “I Spy.” Turning the challenge into adjective games puts a new twist on an old classic! Have a student come up to the front of the class and say, “I spy with my little eye something that is…” and name the color of the object. Then have the students in one row take turns asking questions in the form “Is it [adjective]?” Make sure that students are using only adjectives to ask the questions. After everyone in the row has a chance to ask a question, have students write down the object that they think is being referred to. Then have the student in the front of the room reveal the object. Any student who guessed correctly scores one point. Repeat these adjective activities with another student and the second row in the classroom.

Mad Libs

Have students make Mad Libs for each other. To do this, have them write short stories (or take some that they’ve already written). Encourage them to highlight all of the adjectives in the stories. Then have the class come up with a list of adjectives – silly ones and serious ones – and write them on the board. Have each student plug the adjectives into their story. Encourage students to share the finished stories with the class.

Adjective Poem

Have each student write the name of an object on the top of a piece of paper. Arrange the students’ desks in a circle around the perimeter of the room, with one paper on each desk. Then have students walk from desk to desk, adding an adjective to each paper as they pass. The adjectives they choose should describe each object. Then have students retrieve their papers and use the adjectives to write a poem about the object.

The Longest List

Divide the class into four or five groups. Give each group a small object (fruit, candy, school supplies, or pieces of nature work well), and have them make a list of as many adjectives as they can to describe the object. Give students fifteen seconds to create the list, and then have them pass the object to the next group and repeat the process. After each group has gotten each adjective, tally up their lists to see which group has the most adjectives. Have the winning group share their adjectives with the class.

As an extension activity, and to test comprehension, challenge your students to come up with the own adjective games. You can then pair with another class, or even students in younger grades, and swap adjective activities. Learning has never been so much fun!

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