High School Spanish Classroom Games

High School Spanish Classroom Games
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These 5 High School Spanish classroom games and ideas can be used for any set of vocabulary words and can be played all year long. High school Spanish games are the best and kids love games.

1. Scramble The Words

Cut out the words and their translations in large enough strips to be seen from the ground when you are standing up. Have your students study the vocabulary in the right order before beginning. When they feel like they know the words, have your students scramble their words and time them to see who can put them in the right order the fastest. You can even include an assignment in which students have to put the words in the right order in under X seconds.

2. Matching

High School Spanish Classroom Games

Using the same cards, have your Spanish students play matching by flipping over the cards two at a time until they have the correct English/Spanish translation, in which case they remove those cards and count them as one point each.

3. Proper Placement

Advise your students to put the vocab words on their refrigerator at home and on the bathroom mirror. You can even give them a few bonus points for sending you a picture of the vocab on their mirror or refrigerator.

4. El Futbol

High School Spanish Classroom Games - football

Grab a soccer ball and have students form a circle. The first person says a word in either English or Spanish and then passes the ball to someone else. That person has to translate the word that the first person said. When they have done that they say another word and pass the ball. Do this until everyone has said at least one word. When this is finished you can have one of your students come to the front of the class, close their eyes, and be quizzed by everyone else in the class. If they get all of the words right, they win something e.g. candy, bonus points etc.

5. Sing

Who doesn’t love to sing, besides a number of people who hate it? Seriously, singing is an important learning tool for many people. And even if everyone doesn’t like to sing, there are many people who don’t sing, but still get the song stuck in their head. Singing Spanish in your classroom every day is the key. Make, or record and play, a Spanish song. Sing it once at the beginning of class, and once at the end for a week and neither you, nor your students, will be able to get that tune out of your heads.

The Key to Fun

If you are not enjoying yourself, your students won’t either. Pick Spanish classroom games that you, and your students, like the most. This means that you may be playing some games with some classes that you won’t be playing with others. Keep smiling and enjoying yourself. It’s really important.


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