Secular & Non-Secular Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

We've compiled candid, honest homeschool curriculum reviews of both secular and non-secular programs, written by homeschooling families such as yourself. The reviews cross all grade-levels from Pre-K through High School, and are designed to give you quick insight into whether this particular program is right for your teaching philosophy, and your investment.

Have you tried some of the programs reviewed here? Leave a comment and let us and your fellow homeschool readers, know what you liked or didn't like about the curriculum you chose.

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  • Explode the Code: User Review
    It is essential for a child to build a strong literacy foundation in their early years in order to become a lifelong reader. After researching and speaking with other homeschool moms, I came across Explode the Code, a phonics based approach to building literacy skills. Will it work for your child?
  • Oak Meadow Curriculum: The Smart Choice for Many Homeschooling Parents
    Tired of teaching the same mundane lessons day after day? Looking for an exciting homeschool curriculum that meets the needs of children with different learning styles or disabilities? Oak Meadow Curriculum accomodates all learning styles and provides an IEP to students with learning disabilities.
  • WiloStar3D: A Homeschool Learning Environment That Utilizes Virtual Worlds
    WiloStar3D is an accredited online homeschooling program using virtual worlds and an integrated curriculum. Its courses adhere to established content standards and demand both collaboration and independence from students, combining the best of innovative technology and traditional learning.
  • Options for Christian Homeschooling: Textbooks, Reviews, and Teaching Tips
    Odds are you homeschool because you want your children to get the very best education you can give them. If you are a Christian homeschooler, you also want them to have an education that is founded on a Christian worldview. Here's a collection of resources, teaching tips and curricula to help you.
  • Selection Guide for Teaching Homeschool With DVDs
    DVD curriculum is a great technology to add to your homeschool. Our Bright Hub experts have reviewed materials in every subject for you. Check out our recommendations for the best selections of DVDs for teaching homeschool.
  • Helpful Guide and Creative Tips for Teaching Homeschool Math
    Is there one mathematical formula that works for getting your child to understand math? Stop your homeschool arithmetic struggles! Enjoy teaching your kids from numbers to algebra. Transform your math lessons with tips you will find in this comprehensive guide to math curriculum and ideas.
  • Get Help Choosing Your Homeschool Curriculum: Collection of Reviews
    Wouldn't it be nice to sample every curriculum available before buying it? Before you throw away more money on a curriculum that doesn't work for you, get the inside story. Find out the pros and cons of popular curricula in this collection of homeschool curriculum reviews.
  • A Listing of Options for Christian Homeschooling
    If you are researching the available options for Christian homeschooling, look no further. In this collection of tips, tools and resources, we've covered everything from Bible studies to Calculus to give you the information and resources you need to make good decisions.
  • Which Curriculum Should I Use for My Homeschooled Student?
    If you find yourself overwhelmed with the vast array of homeschool curricula available, realize that you are not alone. It can be really difficult to get past the fact that there's so much out there that's available to parents making the decision to educate children at home.
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