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Discover a host of ideas, and opinion, about homeschool socialization at Bright Hub Education. In addition to suggestions from experienced homeschool teachers on how to work socialization activities into your routine, you'll find opinion and advice on this topic, often mentioned in the news and media as a disadvantage to homeschooling -- but is it really? Most experienced homeschoolers will quickly tell you no, and you can learn why, and how to follow their examples, here.

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  • Discovering & Exploring Your Child's Interest Outside of School
    When making the decision on whether or not to homeschool, you may feel that teaching them in your home will limit their opportunities to be involved in non-academic pursuits. Although they may take some effort to find, there are plenty of options available for homeschoolers.
  • Socializing Opportunities and Activities for Your Homeschooled Student
    There are tons of opportunities for social activities when it comes to homeschooling. Don't let the much dreaded question scare you away from meeting your family's educational goals. "Socialization" doesn't have to be a dirty word - and who knows, you may have a lot of fun too!
  • Tips for Forming a Homeschoolers' Chess Team
    Do you want to incorporate playing chess into your homeschooling activities? Here's how you can sharpen your kids' math and critical thinking skills by forming a homeschooling chess team and playing against others in games and tournaments.
  • Horseback Riding for Homeschooled Students
    Socialization and physical education are among the many benefits of horseback riding lessons for your homeschooler. Know what to look for when finding a stable, and where to look to find riding lessons in your area. Add hands-on learning to textbook education for a complete educational experience.
  • Providing Diversity for Homeschooled Students
    Providing diversity when homeschooling students is as easy as taking a walk in your neighborhood. Parents can provide the experiences their children need to equip them to interact in our multi-cultural world. In fact, homeschoolers are probably doing it naturally.
  • Sports Involvement for Homeschooled Students
    If you're wondering how to involve your homeschooled kids in sports activities, try a community league or getting your kids active in sports through the public school. The benefits of sports for kids are amazing, including psychological and physical payoffs.
  • Incorporate Theater and Acting into your Homeschool Curriculum
    Incorporate theater and acting into your homeschool curriculum to help your children develop social and communication skills. This article gives several ideas on getting your homeschooler involved in drama.
  • Five Free & Educational Activities for Homeschoolers
    There are plenty of educational programs available for homeschoolers without having to shell out money. Try some of these five ideas.
  • 7 Educational Group Activities for Homeschoolers
    Part of the fun of homeschooling is the freedom to take educational trips. Where to go, and how to plan them doesn't have to be stressful. Being focused as to the motivations behind the activity is all you need to put together the perfect activity.
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