Summer Reading Lists for Grades K-12

What does your child have to do to prepare for the next grade? Summer reading lists are a great place to start. Find recommendations from teachers on classics and commonly taught books that students should read. From elementary students, to high school, to college bound kids, learn what they need to be reading now.

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  • High Interest Novels for Young Adults: Your Summer Reading Curriculum
    This reading list can be used during the summer or any time of the year. These engaging young adult novels can provide the springboard for struggling students and cement good reading habits in students who already enjoy reading.
  • How to Assess Summer Reading
    How do you know your students has actually completed their assigned summer reading? Learn some methods to properly assess their knowledge.
  • Books that High School Students Love
    As an avid reader and high school English teacher, I can promise you that high school students will enjoy the following books! Encouraging them to read these books this summer will help keep their minds busy and engaged for this upcoming school year.
  • Four Books Your Middle School Students Will Enjoy
    Looking for some great books for your students or kids to read this summer? Whether you're a teacher or a parent (or a kid!), we've got four great books for your child or students to read. And no, they're not just fiction, either!
  • A Recommended Reading List for Middle Schoolers
    Keep the momentum going this summer and have some fun! Here is a list of some of the best summer reading books around for middle school students. Get lost in one of these great books, suggested for students age 12-14.
  • Nonfiction Reading for Summer: High Interest Books for First Graders
    Between vacations, camps and other activities, it can be tricky to keep first graders reading during the summer months. Use some of these high interest texts to supplement your list of books for summer reading. Nonfiction for first grade students doesn't have to be too challenging.
  • 7th Grade Summer Reading List
    Interested in some awesome books for your student or your child to read over the summer? These options are all suitable for seventh graders. Included is a combination of classics and fun books to peak your young reader's interest.
  • Recommended Reading List for 10th Grade Students
    Use this 10th grade reading list to improve your knowledge of literature, get ready for college and impress your friends and neighbors. Various different types of novels are included to keep every single one of you happy!
  • Recommended Reading List for High School
    Ease the transition from middle school to high school by preparing academically. This reading list will prepare students not only for the critical thinking skills they'll need to use in high school, but for higher academic prowess in college and their career.
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