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Summer break is filled with fun moments, family time and new experiences. Unfortunately, this can also be a time when students forget most of the material they’ve learned through the school year, giving teachers a tough job at the beginning of the school year catching everyone up. Avoid the summer slump by keeping kids engaged and learning all summer long! Find ideas, tips and resources for teachers, parents, summer camp or child care workers.

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  • 6 Non-Virtual Educational Games You Can Play While on Vacation
    Studies show that student lose knowledge over the summer with summer activities and an “off duty" mindset, which is ok to an extent. Kids need a break, but with the educational requirements becoming increasingly difficult, the more you can keep them learning during the summer months, the better.
  • 7 Fun Summer Activities that Will Turn Your Child on to Learning
    Summer is almost over, but there is still time to get your child excited about learning. Here are seven fun activities that you can do with your child during the summer months (or any time) that may spur their imagination motivate them to learn.
  • Let's Rock! Summer Science for Second and Third Grade
    Have you ever emptied the pockets of a child before throwing them in the washing machine? Chances are there have been times when you have found a handful of rocks. Rocks seem to fascinate kids. Use that interest as a springboard to learning about rocks.
  • Summer Math Fun for Grades K-3
    Although it may take a bit of encouragement, completing even one of these workbook pages each week will help to call to the forefront of their minds basic skills and concepts.
  • Summertime Is Fun Time Language Arts Workbook
    The new school year is already around the corner! Help your child prepare with this entertaining and educational free workbook.
  • Summer Sun and Science: For Kindergarten and First Grade
    Most kids love being outside in the summertime. It’s a perfect time to inject science into your outdoor activities. Encourage use of all five senses. Here are a few fun and simple ideas to learn about the sun.
  • Dream It! Build It! Summer Engineering for Second and Third Graders
    Are you looking for a summer project or activity that will be entertaining but provide learning opportunities? Try an engineering endeavor! It will not only promote creative thinking and problem solving but it is fun, too. And it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Let’s get started!
  • Sizzling Summer Crafts for Preschool Children
    Get your students in the mood for summer! Preschool crafts are a fun way to celebrate this favorite season. Use crafts to extend a read aloud, introduce a science lesson or to create a cute student-made bulletin board.
  • Four Summer Crafts for Toddlers
    These crafts can be done with children as young as six months and up to two or three years. Try these four ideas that will keep toddlers entertained as the weather gets hot!
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