Enjoyable and Educational Activities for Kids during Summer Break

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Go to a Dinosaur Museum

Check your local community or town website or contact your area Chamber of Commerce to see when a dinosaur exhibit will take place in an area near you. A dinosaur museum interests kids in ways that reading a science book will not. When kids see that there really were huge reptilian beasts that roamed the earth many years ago, they may have a stronger interest in science and discovery when they return to school.

Set Up a Business

By helping kids start their own business, you put the power of success in their hands by letting them know you believe in them. You also help them learn essential skills such as making change, dealing with people and negotiating. Setting up a lemonade stand or helping with your family yard sale are great ways to help your child learn a lesson in entrepreneurship.

Start a Creative Media Project

Kids are naturally creative and technology can enable and spark their creativity. Download a video editing app for their mobile device and ask your child to create an original video of a family picnic or vacation. Your young filmmaker might just come up with something truly inspiring.

Help at a Bake Sale

Summer is a time when many civic organizations, church groups and nonprofit agencies have bake sales to bring in money. Including your kids in this, especially if they enjoy cooking, can help improve their cooking and fundraising skills at the same time.

Go to Camp

Many communities have summer camps covering every subject from basketball to basket weaving. Find out what your child is most interested in and find a summer camp that offers these skills. Many are inexpensive and offer a great summer outlet for your child to explore new interests.

Write a Book

Kids can actually write their own books and upload them to Amazon or online platforms. Writing a book takes time, but they could write shorter children’s books or “how to” guidebooks on topics they are familiar with. This kind of independent activity can inspire greatness in your children and give them a sense of accomplishment.

Build a Computer

For the tech guru in your family, how about creating an original computer? The Raspberry Pi Foundation offers a simple computer board for around $35 that can be used as a starter for kids to build their own computers. This Linux-based system is fairly simple to complete. The key is to get kids to think differently and see what they can come up with on their own.

Consider Your Kids

Whatever you decide to do, these activities can help enrich kids in different ways and inspire learning at any level. You know your child better than anyone else does. Tap into their natural interests and choose activities that best motivate your child. Keeping kids learning and thinking is the best thing you can do to ensure that their learning will continue into the school year and beyond.