Supplement Your Child's Summer Learning with a Fun and Free Math Workbook

Supplement Your Child's Summer Learning with a Fun and Free Math Workbook
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August Is Here!

With just a month left before school begins, now is the time to reinforce those essential math skills that students will need when they return to school in September. Teachers will review in September, of course, but any review that parents can undertake during the summer months will always be beneficial, both to the individual child and to the overall class atmosphere. So, get ready for some summer math fun with this quick and easy to use math review workbook!

Use the downloadable workbook, which contains six separate worksheets, each focusing on a particular skill.

Begin with something easy. Complete math “sentences” to make the math problems correct. Then, move on two combined skills: numerical labeling and the repetition of patterns.

Grab the crayons for this worksheet. The coloring aspect reinforces the pattern and allows for a bit of creativity in math. Keep the art supplies on hand for the practice with Greater or Less Than. By correctly identifying the number, students can be “rewarded” by coloring the summer themed picture.

Incorporate reading and writing into math by completing the math cross word puzzle. Solve the math problem to obtain the correct word for each spot in the puzzle.

Finally, round out the practice with some boardwalk themed word problems. Each page is quick, easy and fun for kids to complete. Reinforcing math skills will be a breeze this August if this workbook is put to good use!