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Summer Reading Lists by Grade Level for Elementary Students

written by: Amanda Smith • edited by: Trent Lorcher • updated: 6/2/2015

Summer reading is essential in promoting the success of your students. It helps to keep them focused and reading over their break. Here are some great books to have your elementary students read over the summer!

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    Creating a Summer Reading List

    Summer reading is key to academic success. Creating a summer reading list for your students is important because it allows your students to continue to stimulate their mind over the break. This will help them adjust to their return to class the next school year and they will aid in their retention of knowledge over the summer.

    Some teachers have ideas about what they would like for their students to read over the summer. One strategy is to create a list to have all of your upcoming students read so that you can go over it as a class. This is more effective in the higher grades, such as 5th and 6th grade. Another option is to have your students choose reading independently from a comphrensive list and complete a summer reading log. If your school participates in the Accelerated Reader program, you may want to encourage them to read AR books to up their points at the beginning of the year.

    There are many ways to make your summer reading list fun. The key is to have your students consistently reading books over the summer that are at grade level. The books found on the following reading lists may be at your local library, at a bookstore or purchased on Amazon. These lists are to aid you in deciding what your students should be reading this summer.

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    Books for 2nd and 3rd Graders

    The Children Who Smelled a Rat Ahlberg

    Ivy and Bean Barrows

    Flat Stanley Brown

    The Stories Julian Tells Cameron

    The Legend of Spud Murphy Colfer

    Mercy Watson to the Rescue DiCamillo (From the Mercy Watson series)

    Happy Go Lucky Earhart

    Stone Fox Gardiner

    Moxie Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little Gifford

    Babymouse: Queen of the World Holm (From the Babymouse series)

    On the Dog Greenburg

    Owen Foote, Mighty Scientist Greene

    Miss Daisy is Crazy Gutman

    Starring Grace Hoffman

    Class Clown Hurwitz

    Martin Bridge: Sound the Alarm! Kerrin

    Song Lee in Room 2B Kline

    Dragonling Koller

    Gooney Bird Greene Koller

    Mrs. Piggle Wiggle MacDonald

    Sarah Plain and Tall MacLachlan

    Gold-Threaded Dress Marsden

    The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean McCall Smith

    Judy Moody McDonald (From the Judy Moody series)

    Third Grade Stinks McKenna

    Violet Bing and the Grand House Paros

    Clementine Pennypacker

    The Littles Peterson

    Marvin Redpost: Class President Sachar (From the Marvin Redpost series)

    Knights of the Kitchen Table Sciezza

    Chocolate Fever Smith

    Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective Sobol

    Best Friend Emma Warner

    Magic Paintbrush Yep

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    Books for 4th and 5th Graders

    Firegirl Abbott

    Whales on Stilts Anderson

    One-Handed Catch Auch

    Good Dog Avi

    Chasing Vermeer Balliet

    The Field Guide Black

    Togo Blake

    The Fairy-Tale Detectives Buckley

    The Report Card Clements

    The Miraculous Journey and Edward Tulane DiCamilo

    The Thief Lord Funke

    The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid Gerenime

    The Liberation of Gabriel King Going

    The Onts Greenburg

    Satch and Me Gutman

    Ida B and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World Hannigan

    Goose Chase Kindl

    Year of the Dog Lim

    Rules Lord

    Gossamer Lowry

    Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Mazer

    Kiki Strikes Inside the Shadow City Miller

    Double Life Richards

    Safe at Home Robinson

    Becoming Naomi Leon Ryan

    Magyk Sage

    Tees Seidler

    Invention of Huge Cabret Selznich

    Case of the Missing Marquess Springer

    Secret Identity Van Draanen

    Niagara Falls, Or Does It? Winkler

    Millicent Min, Girl Genius Yee


  • Lists of books gathered from the Wake County Public Library in Raleigh, North Carolina