6 Fun Activities That Foster Learning During Summer Break

6 Fun Activities That Foster Learning During Summer Break
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The summer months can go fast and you don’t want kids just sitting around the house bored all the time. Some kids are involved in summer athletics or camps, which are beneficial. Activities such as these keep children active and busy doing something they enjoy.

For those who are not involved in summer activities, here are a few other ideas that will keep kids busy and learning.

Organize a Sale

Kids are innovators and can often be very helpful in organizing and carrying out your yard sales or other sales you have in your neighborhood, church or organization. This is also a highly educational activity for kids to take part in, as it utilizes math, language skills and social skills in a big way. The next time you need to have a yard sale, don’t forget to tap your kids as a resource. It will keep them learning during the summer months.

Start a Babysitting Service

Boys may not be as interested in this idea, but girls often like making extra money babysitting during the summers. They feel as though they have their own business and taking care of kids and learning to adapt to different situations gives them some important real-life skills. Some babysitting jobs require going to the family’s home, while others bring their kids to your house. Decide how you would want to arrange this before you start and have your daughter keep a ledger showing how much money she made.

Set Up an Art Center

The fine arts are an important part of a child’s learning experience and should not be forgotten. One activity you could do at home is to set up an art exhibit or arts center where kids can create artwork, write songs or act out plays. These activities are entertaining for kids and adults alike. They also give them something constructive to do while encouraging their artistic and creative spirit.

Keep a Journal

Journal writing encourages free thinking, which spurs the imagination. This is a great activity for girls and boys of all ages. Some websites offer online journals where kids can keep up with their daily activities, make notes or share ideas with others. Journal writing also improves language arts and writing skills, especially if done every day. Being able to come up with original content is one of the most important skills in school and journal writing can be very helpful with this.

Go to School

Get involved in summer programs at school. Many schools have programs designed to keep kids active and engaged during the summer months. Ask your school what they have available. Try to find an activity or day camp that appeals to your child, based on their interests. Some schools host camps on everything from arts and crafts to game design or gymnastics.

Make a Home Movie

Have kids record a video journal of your family vacation. Kids love to film and get involved in technology. Ask them to film your family vacation. When you come home, show them how to edit it on a digital software program and share it on DVD. This will be educational and fun for them as well as a great way for you to preserve summer memories.

Research in Advance

The summer months are what you make of them. They can drag on at a snail’s pace or be exciting and engaging for kids. Make your own list of some of the best ideas for your kids before the summer begins. Check your local library and find out if there is a summer reading program. Look into day camps and other activities which your local school or community hosts. Find other opportunities that will encourage creativity and learning.

With a little effort, you can keep kids learning through fun activities that they enjoy and make the summer a little more fun!


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