Inspiration for Homeschoolers: A Guide on Homeschool Teaching Tips In All Areas

Inspiration for Homeschoolers: A Guide on Homeschool Teaching Tips In All Areas
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Ideas That Inspire

In the last few years I’ve talked with many fellow homeschoolers, and no matter how many years a family has been educating at home it seems like there are questions faced along the way. Maybe you’re on the hunt for some new educational projects, or maybe you’re trying to help your child read or write more successfully. If you’re here reading this article, it’s obvious you take your job as a home educator seriously, and you’d like some fresh ideas! Well, you’ve come to right place.

The following articles highlight fun projects, technology tips, advice for teens, and ideas to help meet special needs in the home. Most of the articles are written by homeschoolers, and combine research with practical help. Enjoy the journey, and if you have a unique tip to share with our readers, please leave a comment at the end. We certainly learn from each other, and this is a great place to start.

Fun Homeschool Projects

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility to teach through project-based learning. Most children learn well from hands-on activities. Here are some creative “assignments” to try with your child. Whether you work on sewing an apron or constructing a castle, when your child finishes a project there a sense of accomplishment in completing a goal.

Personal Experience Can Be the Most Practical! Tips For the Everyday Questions

Sometimes you just want to hear how other homeschoolers set up their classroom space, avoid burn-out, or handle discipline problems. Often the practical advice from others, who have found a way to succeed, motivates you to stay the course with new hope and direction. These authors are fellow homeschoolers who offer researched advice, and share practical experiences.

Author Lisa King, a former elementary school teacher who has been homeschooling her special needs son for five years, writes about time management to avoid burnout. Laura Powell, a homeschooler and former music teacher, shares ideas for setting up a learning space. Also, another fellow homeschooler, Ronda Roberts, highlights tips for being a single parent while educating at home.

Fresh Perspective On Special Challenges In Homeschooling

The challenge of parenting and teaching a child, or many children in the home are large enough tasks for most home educators. Yet, all children are unique learners. Some children work at a slower pace, some are gifted, and some have special needs. You may be wondering what are the characteristics of a slow learner? What can I do to help my child get through his/her work well? Or, maybe your school day has become a battle.

On the other spectrum, the gifted child is unique too. How can you identify a gifted child? Finally, what are the laws when it comes to homeschooling a special needs student? These articles offer answers to the questions and give fresh insight for challenges in homeschooling.

Reading and Writing Articles

Reading and writing are two key components in the education of a child. As a home educator, unless you received a degree in elementary education, you may not have been formally trained to teach these basics. The length and complexity of the alphabet can be daunting alone, then you realize you need to help your child tell the difference between upper and lowercase letters!

Or, maybe you’re dealing with a child that knows the basics of reading and writing, but you’d like to offer fresh journaling ideas or writing prompts. Whether you’re working on journaling, practicing cursive or print letters, or reinforcing phonics with your child, these top four reading and writing articles will help give fresh inspiration to you as the teacher, and provide creative activities for your child.

Helpful Ideas For Homeschooling A Teen

Homeschooling a teenager can be a positive experience, but it comes with challenges of its own. Author Ronda Bowen gives practical advice on how to prepare a homeschooled teen for college. Preparing a graduation speech and making a yearbook are also covered in this set of articles.

Technology Tips For Homeschoolers

Many homeschooling students use the internet daily, and some even log on to do all their work through a computer based program. These technology tips go beyond basic computer usage. Whether you’re searching for iPad apps or top scheduling software programs, the articles featured here will help you learn more about what’s available to homeschoolers through technology.

Build a Community Around You

Since our son was born six years ago I have been at home with him. As a stay-at-home mom, and now as a homeschooling mom, I have learned I need connection with others. I also think spending time with families with like-minded goals has been helpful to our son well. While sharing the journey with fellow homeschoolers, I’ve asked lots of questions, and gotten lots of advice. I think it’s helpful, when looking for practical advice and tips on homeschooling, to find others that have children older than your own to ask questions to. Most fellow educators are happy to share ideas that have worked for them. The community you build around you will certainly shape you and your child, so build it wisely, and enjoy the journey…together.


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