Four Fun Ball Crafts for Toddlers: Make & Play with Balls!

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Finger Paint a Ball

The most basic ball crafts for toddlers are methods that toddlers can use to decorate a ball. On a hot summer day, take a small group of toddlers outside and let them paint a ball with their own fingers! Just choose a large ball in a light color (preferably white, but yellow, light pink, or light blue should work as well) for this craft. Then glue several plates to a piece of cardboard so that they will not turn over or spill as the toddlers make their craft. Put a small amount of non-toxic paint into each plate, each in a different color. Then encourage the kids to dip their fingers in the paint plates and smear them on the ball. Make sure that toddlers are covered well in smocks or dressed in only diapers in order to minimize the mess. Allow the ball to dry for several hours, and then watch the kids play with it for months to come. They’ll be so proud that they helped to create it!

Tissue Paper Creation

If you can get enough small bouncy balls on sale for each child to have one, you can help them decorate their balls and make them their own. Put out small squares of tissue paper in different colors for kids to choose from, as well as paper plates with a small amount of glue on each one. Then show toddlers how to crumple up a piece of tissue paper, dip it lightly into the glue, and press it against the ball. In no time, their balls will be covered in crumpled tissue paper. Allow the balls to dry for several hours before allowing them to take their projects home to play with.

Superball Painting

If you have some old superballs or marbles, you can use them to make a fun and unique project that toddlers will love. Provide toddlers with bowls full of different colors of non-toxic paint, as well as large pieces of white paper. Show toddlers how to dip a superball or marble in one of the bowls of paint and then roll the ball over the piece of paper to make a fun design. More dextrous toddlers may try to bounce the ball lightly on the paper or pick up the edges of the paper to make the ball roll in a random direction. Monitor the child so that nothing goes in his/her mouth.

Make a Football

Cut out two football shapes from paper for each toddler, and let the kids decorate them as they please, with sponge painting, coloring, sequins, or any other art technique. Then staple the two football shapes together, leaving a small area unstapled, and let kids fill the pocket with stuffing or cotton balls. (If you are concerned about the safety of the staples, you can glue the edges together instead.) Staple the small hole closed and let kids toss their homemade footballs around the room.

These ball crafts for toddlers are a fun way to tap into toddlers’ natural fascination with balls and sports. You can use them during sports week, or anytime during the year!

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