Make a Decorative Vase: An Easy Mother’s Day Craft That a Toddler Can Do

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Looking for an easy toddler Mother’s Day craft you can make with your students? Try this craft vase. Take a look at the different variations, and choose the one that you think your students would enjoy the most.

Preparing the Area

Make sure that each child is wearing a smock that covers her clothes. (After all, what’s a Mother’s Day project that gives moms more work to do removing stains?) Tape down newspapers so that they cover a large table, and sit students around the table. You might want to cover the floor as well, as toddlers are notoriously messy when it comes to crafts like these!

Step 1: Painting the Vase

Have each child bring in a large glass jar, or provide them with some of your own. Pour different colors of non-toxic waterproof paint into small bowls and encourage students to fingerpaint the jars. Because some toddlers may try to eat the paint, stay near them at all times to distract them and ensure that the paint ends up on the jar, not in their mouths. Praise any marks that the students do make on the jars, and show off the successful jars to the rest of the class to encourage them to do the same thing.

Many students will not manage to cover the jars with paint, but this will be solved by moving on to additional steps. Applaud any effort on the child’s part.

Step 2: Adding Stickers

Toddlers love stickers, so make sure to take advantage! Give each toddler a sheet of stickers, and encourage them to attach as many as possible to their vases. Small stickers are difficult for little fingers to handle, so choose some larger stickers instead.

Step 3: Adding Tissue Paper or Pompoms

Pass out bowls of glue and small squares of tissue paper, and show children how to crumple up pieces of tissue paper, dip them into the glue, and attach them to their vases. You can do the same thing with pompoms or other small objects.

This easy toddler Mother’s Day craft can get a bit messy, but it’s easy enough for the youngest toddlers to attempt. Your students’ mothers will love it!

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