Are You Teaching Seventh Grade? Review This Collection of Lesson Plans

Are You Teaching Seventh Grade? Review This Collection of Lesson Plans
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Teaching seventh grade can be very rewarding as well as daunting. Teachers need to factor in all of the external issues that come with being a teenager. There are their ever-changing hormones to deal with, the groups of tweens talking about who likes whom, and the fact that they like to stand their ground and rebel.

Teachers need to factor in all of these elements when creating lessons and activities for their students. It’s professionally rewarding to find lessons that will let them speak their mind and spark their creativity and imagination!

Utilize these authoritative resources when creating your lessons or activities for your classroom. You will find this is a valuable guide to keep in your back pocket and reference when needing an idea, tip or lesson for your seventh grade classroom.

Lesson and Resources for Teachers to Use

10 Tips for a Successful Start to Middle School

Transitioning from elementary school to middle school can be quite a feat for children. Learn five important tips to share with your students as well as five tips for the parents. Utilize these suggestions for a smooth transition for your seventh grade students.

Creative Lesson Strategies for Middle School

Are you looking for creative strategies to teach content to your seventh graders? Come up with activities that will require students to become creative and active in the classroom. Your students will learn to work together, develop a sense of teamwork and gain knowledge from one another.

Activities and Listening for Middle School

At a very young age children, are taught listening skills; but as they grow they tend to forget the rules. Learn about activities that will get your middle school students listening and following directions once again. Find out how to access these skills and much more in this in-depth article.

Seventh Graders Will Love Making These Board Games

Are you looking for a creative way to get your seventh graders to review important concepts while in small groups? Explore a variety of games that will allow your middle schoolers to gain knowledge while having fun. Learn how to create the games and the steps it takes to play them.

Motivating Middle School Writers

Motivating seventh graders is not always an easy task. Discover tips and activities that will help you encourage your students to write while having fun. Find out how to do this and much more.

Five Minute Learning for the End of the Middle School Class

The last five minutes of class usually consist of students talking and shuffling papers around. What if you could change that into productive learning? Here we will show you a variety of short activities that you can do with your students at the end of class.

Fun Math Projects for Middle School Students

Are you looking for some fun hands-on math projects for your seventh graders? Learn unique ideas that will get your students learning important math concepts while using their motor skills to gain information. Here we’ll show you three ideas to get you started.

Teaching French: Spring Activities for the Seventh Grade

Learning a foreign language in seventh grade can be a lot fun while a bit daunting. Discover fun French activities that will teach your students about food, culture and traditions. Gain knowledge on yummy recipes to share with your students, too.

Fun Math Games for Seventh Grade Students

Online math games are just another way for students to review math skills and gain important math concepts. Find out which sites offer the best math games for your seventh graders.

Seventh Grade Language Arts Games

Are you looking for ideas on how to enhance your langauge arts concepts? Look no further as games are the way to go. Discover five ideas that will get your middle schoolers learning important language arts skills while having fun at the same time.

Science Projects for Seventh Grade: Can You Prepare an Onion Without Crying?

Science projects are a fun way for middle school students to learn important science concepts. Discover a fun and not so teary science project that will involve an onion, goggles and your students. Here is what you need to know to get started.

Top 10 Study Tips for Middle School Students

Getting your students to learn the importance of studying is not an easy task. Share these top 10 study tips with your middle schoolers. Utilize this valuable resource and your students will be studying on their own in no time.

Reading Comprehension Strategies for Middle School

Are you looking for ways to improve reading comprehension and make it more enjoyable? Here we’ll show you ideas on how to build vocabulary, make connections, provide interesting materials and much more. Students will improve their skills with the help of these tips and strategies.

Teaching seventh grade is hard work, so use this collection of lesson plans for seventh graders to make it a little easier when planning lessons and activities. Do you have a suggestion, tip or question you would like to share? Please feel free to comment on any of the above articles–we would love to hear from you.