Five Language Arts Games for Middle School Students

Fun in Learning

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Utilizing games as strategy in teaching a lesson is an effective way to grab and sustain your students’ attention. Include activities that will give the students the opportunity to interact with others and to apply the skills and concepts that they have learned.

Crossword Puzzles

Devise your very own crossword puzzle that includes terminologies taught in class. This is a good activity to help students recall the topics and concepts, as well as the correct spelling of words that are the answers to each item in the puzzle. Make use of an online crossword puzzle maker for ease and efficiency in designing your crossword puzzle.

Solving a Mystery

Sharpen your students’ logic and word skills by presenting word puzzles for them to solve. As you formulate your own whodunit word puzzle, include unfamiliar words in it which would require the students to use context clues to decode their meaning. This game will also allow students to apply the skills they have learned, such as textual structure and distinguishing multiple meaning of words. Knowledge of those skills is necessary for them to completely understand the word puzzle, in order for them to solve it.

Listen Up!

Test your students’ listening skills and knowledge of affixes with a listening and listing game. In this paired activity, ask the students to listen to the audio of a film as they list down in their notebook all the words with affixes that they heard. Then, instruct them to underline all the affixes and to write the meaning of each word.


Divide the class into groups with four members each. Then, hand each group an envelope with strips of paper that contain phrases, clauses, and different parts of speech. Their goal is to organize the strips of paper according to their content in order to form a story. After arranging the strips of paper, they have to rewrite the story on a separate paper with careful attention to punctuation and capitalization, and read it to the class for evaluation. The first group who gets to rewrite and organize the statements correctly wins the game.

Online Games

There are lots of online language arts games that the students can play to enrich their understanding of a topic discussed. These games provide more opportunities for the students to practice the skills they have learned.

Explore creative ways to make your lessons engaging and interesting to students. Through games, students will realize that learning can indeed be fun.


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