Resources for Teaching Middle School: Lesson Plans, Tips & Ideas

Resources for Teaching Middle School: Lesson Plans, Tips & Ideas
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It takes a special person to teach middle school; children can be very challenging at this age. But if you are a middle school teacher you know it can also be extremely rewarding. Working with students at this age allows you a great privilege to see children start to mature into young men and women. This multitude of resources provides ideas for lesson plans, classroom management and activities for every subject to make your job just a little easier!

Teaching Tips & Strategies

If you are a middle school teacher, you are aware that students cannot sit and talk quietly if you finish early. They like to poke, flick and pinch each other when your back is turned. Good teachers have a variety of classroom management strategies as w

ell as activities to do if the planned lesson does not take up the entire class period.

Check out these articles to find out the specifics on how to create a great classroom environment and improve your teaching techniques:

Studying & Learning Tips

Middle school students are sometimes overwhelmed when they start a new schedule and more challenging classes. They need to learn new study skills to deal with the new, more complex curriculum. These articles can help your students become better learners.

Language Arts: Focus on Writing

The language arts teacher has several standards to cover, one of which is writing. Because there are so many genres of writing, it helps to have a variety of “go to” lessons and activities. The following are writing activities that range from teaching grammar, essays, notes, etc.

Language Arts: Reading & Comprehension

For reading, there are many indicators that need to be met. With the NCLB and all of the standardized testing, teachers need to focus on reading skills. Not only do students need to be able to read for content, they need to understand literature. following lessons will help your students learn reading strategies as well as literary elements.

Math Lessons

Math is another core class in a middle school student’s curriculum. Textbooks are obviously where you turn for unit and lesson planning. However, middle school students like variety in their daily lessons, and they like to have fun. These lessons offer some creative ideas and twists for the basic indicators and standards.

Science Lessons

The science curriculum at the middle school level focuses on the different aspects of science, from physical science to biology. You can make your science class even more interesting by trying these Bright Hub lessons. From using a SMART board to learning about the human body, these lessons offer some unique ideas to try in your classroom.

Social Studies

Social studies include the history of our planet and how the different cultures do or do not get along. To add to the traditional curriculum, you can try the following lessons to add interest to your units. From making board games to using iPod Apps, these lessons definitely can add creativity and fun to your daily plans.

For Middlers, Fun and Learning Go Hand-in-Hand

Teaching middle school definitely takes patience and hard work. These students are not mini-high school students. They have their own unique developmental stages and like to do things that are fun. Many times they enjoy cooperative learning lessons or group lessons. The lessons included in this article will give you a variety of ideas and tips to enhance your current curriculum and hopefully have a little fun in the process.