Common Spanish Travel Phrases for Airport Conversations

Common Spanish Travel Phrases for Airport Conversations
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The specialized Spanish travel phrase list that follows is split into two parts: (1) entering the country, which includes questions and answers the traveler will encounter at customs and immigration, and (2) leaving the country, which includes handy phrases for flight information and baggage charges.

¡Bienvenido! - Entering the Country

Your passport please. - Su pasaporte, por favor.

Here is my passport. - Aquí esta mi pasaporte.

Do you have anything to declare? - ¿Tiene algo declarar?

I have nothing to declare. - No tengo nada declarar.

Is this your baggage? -¿Es ésta su equipaje?

This is my suitcase. - Aquí está mi valija.

How long do you intend to stay here? - ¿Cuánto tiempo piensa estar aqui?

I’ll be staying here a few days. - Estaré aquí unos dias.

I’ll be staying here a month. - Estaré aquí un més.

I’ll be staying here a week. - Estaré aquí una semana.

I’m here in transit (only passing through). - Estoy aquí de tránsito.

What is the purpose of your visit? - ¿Cual es el propóposito de su visita?

I’m here on vacation. - Estoy aquí de vacciones.

I’m here on business. - Estoy aquí en viaje de negocios.

May I go? - ¿Puedo irme?

Is there a bus to the city’s center? - ¿Hay un autobús al centro?

I need a taxi to the ___________ Hotel. - Necesito un taxi al Hotel ______________.

Can you please help me. I am lost_. ¿Podría ayudarme? Me he perdido._

¡Adios, Amigos! - Leaving the Country


I want to confirm / change / cancel my reservation. - Yo quisiera confirmar / cambiar / cancelar mi reservación.

I need a ticket to__________. - Necesito un billete para __________.

Is this the check-in for flight ____? - Es este el mostrador de facturación del vuelo número ___?

Can you tell me, is this the flight to ______? - Podría decirme si hay un vuelo a ______?

When does the check-in close? - ¿Cuándo acaba la facturación?

When is the next plane to_______? - Cuándo sale el próximo avion al _________?

Is this a direct flight? - ¿Es este un vuelo directo?

What is the free baggage allowance? -¿Que peso se permite sin pagar sobrecarga?

What time does the flight arrive in _______? -¿Cuando llega este avión a _________?

You’ll have to pay for the excess baggage. - Tendrá que pagar por exceso de peso.

What is the flight number? - ¿Cuál es el número de este vuelo?

How much is the excess fee? - ¿Qué sobrecarga tengo que pagar?

I’m keeping this bag with me. - Esta bolsa me la llevo conmigo.

Your ticket please. - Su boleto, por favor.

Suggested Classroom Activities

Conversational Practice

Spanish phrases provide a good opportunity for conversational practice, especially when there are questions that can be answered either by rephrasing the question in the affirmative or simply answering the question. Ask the students to cull out unanswered questions from the phrase list and then write and say their responses. For example:

Q: ¿Es este un vuelo directo? A. Si. Este es un vuelo directo?

Q: ¿Qué sobrecarga tengo que pagar? A: Hay una sobrecarga de 10 pesos por kilo.

Matching Quiz

Considering adding a phrase matching quiz (based on the above) to a regularly scheduled quiz. (See the suggested matching quiz below.)

In the Airport - Matching Quiz

Matching Quiz

Downloadable Phrase List and Matching Quiz

Download the phrase list and matching quiz from the public media gallery at Spanish Travel Phrases for the Airport.

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