God made Me Special Lesson Plan: How to Use My Talents

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I am Special to God Unit

This article is designed to educate your students about their talents and how they can use them to help others. This is day four of the series, “I’m Somebody Special to God!,” which is meant to teach students about the uniqueness God gave them. Bear in mind, though, that even though this is part of a comprehensive series, each lesson can be conducted individually. This lesson plan includes an original song, game, snack idea, and craft for your preschoolers and you to enjoy. Day Four is all about talent, so use your own talents to teach your preschoolers about their talents with this God Made Me Special lesson plan!

My Talents


This day is designed to teach the students that they all have different talents. Explain to them that a talent is something you are really good at doing. Most people have more than one talent. God gave everyone talents and expects us to use those talents to do good things. For instance, a doctor is really good at helping people feel better. He serves God by helping others when they need help. A person who is really good at gymnastics can serve God by doing their best in a competition and giving credit to God for their talent. Another example could be how a person who likes to cook can serve God by feeding those who are hungry or helping out in a soup kitchen. Be sure to explain to preschoolers that talents are developed over time. When they are so young, they likely do not know much about their talents. A preschooler might have a talent for coloring a picture, so he/she can serve God by sharing their picture with a friend. Another preschooler might have a talent for sharing, so they serve God by sharing with other people. Using examples such as those will help preschoolers identify with the lesson, since they are really too young to possess some of the talents older people have.


1. Prior to conducting the day’s activities, you will need to set up an obstacle course. You could use hula hoops, tunnels (if available), chairs, and boxes.

2. Plan the course so that it includes walking, jumping, and crawling. Be sure you don’t make it too long or difficult.

3. Bear in mind, also, that if the weather is permitting, playground equipment could be worked into the obstacle course. Running through the obstacle course will be the day’s activity.

4. After running through the obstacle course, ask the students which part was the easiest or most fun for them. Ask them about their talents. What do they enjoy doing and why? How can they use their talents to serve God? Tie it into the obstacle course by discussing the Olympics and how those people have athletic talents. They work hard every day to train and perfect their talents. By being so diligent and doing the best they can, they are serving God.


Make Olympic medals.


colored Xerox paper (one per student)

glue sticks


ribbons (assorted, one per student)

a one-ring hole punch (optional)

markers or crayons


1. Begin by creating your own Olympic medals. Draw a 3-4 inch circle with the word “Olympics” and the Olympic seal on it. Photo copy these circles or medals so you have one for each child in your classroom. Precut these circles so they will be ready for your students to decorate.

2. Have your students decorate their medal using the markers or crayons. Doing so will allow for individuality.

3. Using the ribbon holder is optional, as you can use the hole punch instead, whichever you prefer.


Make edible Olympic torches.


sugar cones (one per student)

sugar free ice cream or sherbet (yellow, orange, or red in color)

various toppings (dark chocolate chips, colored sprinkles, etc.).


1. Give each student a cone with a scoop of ice cream or sherbet.

2. Have the students decorate the “torch” with the toppings of their choice.


Today’s song is as follows.

God Gave Me Talents (to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine”)

God gave me talents,

Oh yes, He did.

He wants me to use them

Every day.

Thank you, God, for

Giving me talents

May they honor You today.

Concluding Thoughts

As mentioned, this God Made Me Special lesson plan is designed to teach your preschool students about talents and how God wants us to use our talents to do good things. Educating your students about their talents will yield long-term benefits, as they will be able to use their talents to serve God and be successful in life! Continue on and read the final article in this “I’m Somebody Special to God!” series that brings you a lesson plan on teaching manners to preschoolers.

Source: author’s own experience

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