Preschool Lesson Plans About God: We are Unique

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It is important to give your preschool students a head start whenever possible in the realm of education on how special and unique they are. Doing so not only helps them to realize their own potential but also fosters that potential for the greater good. These lessons should start early, so teaching children that they are all unique individuals created by God will have long-term benefits. Utilize this series on preschool lesson plan about God for use in your classroom. This is the first article of a 5-day series unit, which focuses on teaching about physical characteristics.

Day One: Mirror, Mirror, What Do I See?


This day is designed to teach about physical characteristics. Since God made us each unique, no two people look the same. Explain to your students that each person has different physical characteristics (i.e. blond hair, brown eyes, tall, short, etc.).


Make a mirror for each student.


  • colored card stock (one sheet per child)
  • scissors (child-safe, if you want them to cut)
  • glue sticks
  • aluminum foil (one sheet per child)
  • markers or crayons, depending upon the age of students
  • decorative jewels, confetti, stamps, etc. (optional)
  • something oval shaped to trace (optional)


1. Draw an oval shape on the colored card stock. You will need one per student.

2. Draw another oval inside the first oval.

3. Cut out the inner oval. You will be left with a donut-shaped ring.

4. Cut out a square piece of aluminum foil. It needs to be a little bigger than the small oval.

5. Glue the piece of aluminum foil to the back of the large oval. It should form a hand-held mirror.

6. Allow the students to decorate their mirror using the supplies mentioned above.

7. Explain to the students that God made each one of them unique and special. If the students are old enough, you can ask them to describe what they look like and how they differ from the other students.

People Scavenger Hunt Game

1. Make a list of physical characteristics, such as eye color, hair color, height, etc.

2. Have all of the kids stand up.

3. Call out one of the physical characteristics and have each student with those characteristics sit down.

4. Explain to the class that those students have that physical characteristic.

5. Have all of the kids stand up again and repeat with other physical characteristics.


Sing the following song. You can either teach the kids the words or sing to them, depending upon time and preference.

I’m Me; I’m Special (to the tune of Yankee Doodle)

God made me, and I am special

No one else is like me

I have ______ eyes and ______ hair

And God really loves me!

*Fill in the blanks with the colors of your students’ eyes and hair.


Make Bread Art.


  • a slice of bread (one per child)
  • food coloring
  • milk
  • small Dixie cups


1. Give each student a slice of bread and a Dixie cup.

2. Fill the Dixie cup with about ¼ cup milk, and be sure to tell the kids not to drink it.

3.Tell the student to pick a color. Put a couple of drops of that color of food coloring into the milk.

4. Mix.

5. Have the students use their fingers to paint a picture of themselves on their slice of bread with the food coloring. Tell them to be careful not to get the bread too wet, though.

6. After they are done painting their picture, toast the bread and allow the students to eat it. You may choose to top it with butter.

Final Thoughts

Teaching your preschool students about their physical characteristics is a great way to emphasize that God created each person unique, meaning that no two people are the same. This preschool lesson plan about physical characteristics will certainly help your preschoolers understand and foster their individuality. Tune in to the rest of this series for more preschool lesson plans about God!

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