God Loves Me Lessons: He Gave Me Good Manners

God Loves Me Lessons: He Gave Me Good Manners
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God Loves Me lessons are designed to educate your preschool students about using good manners. This is meant to be the final or fifth day out of the series, “I’m Somebody Special to God!,” but please bear in mind that each day can be carried out individually. Each

unit includes an original song, game idea, craft idea, and snack idea for each lesson, which your preschoolers are sure to enjoy!

The first four lesson plans include:

Day Five: I Have Manners!


This day is designed to teach the preschool student about manners and how they are important.


Make Politeness Certificates.


1. Preface the day by reading a book about manners. Suggestions are: Clifford’s Manners by Norman Bridwell, No, David! by David Shannon, The Berenstein Bears Lose Their Manners by Stan and Jan Bernstein, What Do You Say, Dear? by Maurice Sendak, or How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. Multiple other books are available through Scholastic (https://www2.scholastic.com/browse/index.jsp).

2. Discuss with your students the importance of having good manners (showing kindness toward one another), and why God wants us to practice good manners.

3. Create a simple certificate format that says “This is to certify that _________ has demonstrated good manners today!” in the center. You will want to make photo copies of the certificate, one for each child.

3. Have the students decorate their own certificates.


You can play the game “Good or Bad Manners.”


1. Start by comprising a list of good manners and bad manners.

2. Tell the kids to give you a thumbs up or stand up if it is a good manner. Give a thumbs down or sit down if it is an example of bad manners.

3. If it is an example of bad manners, ask the students to tell you how to change the behavior.

4. Motions could be incorporated into the game if you choose.


Teach the following song.

Good Manners (to the tune of “London Bridges”)

Remember to say please and thank you

Please and thank you

Please and thank you.

Remember to say please and thank you

It’s good manners.

Close your mouth when you chew

When you chew

When you chew.

Close your mouth when you chew

It’s good manners.

Use your napkin when you eat

When you eat

When you eat

Use your napkin when you eat

It’s good manners.


Since teaching manners is reinforced during snack time, any snack will do!

God Loves Me lessons are always a welcome addition to any classroom. After teaching this material, you will have your students excited about practicing their good manners in no time!

Concluding Thoughts on Series

Remember these activities are designed to teach students just how special they are. God made each person unique. If we weren’t special to Him, He wouldn’t have given us such unique physical features (Day One) or the ability to use our five senses (Day Two). Because He did make us so special, He wants us to take care of our bodies (Day Three), use our talents (Day Four), and be polite to one another (Day Five). Again, remember you can use each lesson individually. Your preschoolers will love the activities and hopefully learn to use their individuality to do big things!

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