God Made Me: Preschool Lesson on the 5 Senses

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Day Two: Thank You, God, for My Five Senses!

This God Made Me preschool lesson is designed to educate young minds about their five senses, what they are, and how they are used. Because God loves us and thinks we are all special, He gave us the ability to use our five senses. This is the second article of a five-day series unit, however these lesson plans can also be taught individually.

(If you haven’t explored our lesson plan for Day One, you can find it at Teaching Preschool Children They’re All Unique and Special to God.)


5 Senses Stations


  • five small tables and chairs for stations
  • various fruits and/or vegetables
  • a CD player
  • a CD with various sound effects (such as a siren, animal sounds, wind blowing, etc.)
  • ice cubes
  • varied fabric swatches (typically available at your local craft store, need to be different types)
  • an assortment of fresh flowers or petals (if unavailable, use potpourri)
  • markers or crayons (optional)


1. Set up five stations in various places in the room.

2. Label the stations with the five senses.

3. Set out the different types of fruit or vegetables at the TASTE station.

4. Set up the CD player to play the sound effects CD at the HEAR station.

5. Ice cubes and material are for the TOUCH station.

6. Flowers are for the SMELL station.

7. You won’t need to set up a separate SEE station, unless you want to, since students will see things at each of the other four stations. You can do a coloring activity, where you have the students “see” different colors. That is where the markers or crayons can be used.

8. Rather than rotating, which would be difficult considering most classrooms only have one teacher, guide each class as they go to the various stations.

9. Fill out their papers as they go. For instance, if they are at the HEAR station, and you play the sound of a police siren, ask the students to first identify the sound with your help if needed, then write down what they tell you they heard. Ask them what it sounded like, and write that down as well.

10. If the writing is too difficult for you to do while managing the activities, you can have the kids draw what they heard, saw, smelled, tasted, and touched.


Sing the following song.

I Have Five Senses (to the tune of B-I-N-G-O)

I have five senses. Yes, I do.

I use them every day.

Taste, See, Hear, Smell, Touch

Taste, See, Hear, Smell, Touch

Taste, See, Hear, Smell, Touch

God gave them all to me!

Activity Page

  1. Today I heard ___________________. It was _________________.
  2. Today I tasted ___________________. It was _________________.
  3. Today I touched ___________________. It was ________________.
  4. Today I smelled ___________________. It was _________________.
  5. Today I saw ______________________. It was _________________.

Concluding Thoughts

The conclusion of this God Made Me preschool lesson should end by reminding each student that God gave them their five senses so they can taste, see, hear, smell, and touch. At the end of the day, give each student his/her paper to take home. The next article in this series teaches preschoolers about the healthy body God gave them.

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