Preschool Winter Lesson Plan: Make a Winter Book

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Your students will enjoy learning about winter when they make their own book. Make one page of this winter book each day.


Five pages of a book, per child, with a prompt on each page

Blue construction paper, 2 sheets per child

crayons, markers

5 sheets of large chart paper or sentence strips with one of the book prompts written on each

Stapler or hole punch and yarn or ribbon

Prompts for the Book Pages

  • My Favorite Thing to Wear in Winter
  • My Favorite Winter Holiday
  • My Favorite Thing to Do Outside in Winter
  • My Favorite Thing to Do Inside in Winter
  • My Favorite Thing about Winter

Prior Knowledge

Start this book a few days into your unit about winter (see the first article in this series).


To begin this preschool winter lesson gather the class around you and tell them that they are going to make a book about winter. Show the class the first prompt written on a piece of large chart paper or a sentence strip. Read it to them, pointing to each word as you read. Ask the students how many words are in the prompt. Count them together. Then ask them to find one or two of the words. You might say, “Can anyone find the word winter? What letter would you expect winter to start with?” Choose one or two students to come up and show the word to the class.

Tell the students that they are going to be illustrating a page for their book with those same words on it. Ask the students what they might draw. Give each student a paper and read over the text again together. Ask them to point out the words you found earlier on their pages and count the words again. Then, give them crayons or markers and let them illustrate the page. Collect the pages when everyone is finished.

Repeat the activity each day with new pages. Go over the previous days prompts on the large paper each day to help the students learn to read them. On the fifth day you can hand out the previous days' pages and have the students put them in order. Keep your pages displayed so that they can find the right pages. Add a piece of blue paper for the front and back covers. Then bind them together by stapling or by punching holes in the pages and tying yarn through the holes.


Ask the students to read the pages pointing as they read, locate certain words or count the words on pages in their books. You’ll be able to see which ones are able to match words one-to-one and which ones can identify beginning sounds.


For additional work on one-to-one matching, pull small groups of students and have them tell you a sentence about winter. “I like to __________ in winter. " Write each student’s sentence onto a sentence strip and help him read it. Then cut the words apart and mix them up. Challenge him to put the sentence back together and read it again pointing to each word as he reads. Put the words in an envelope and write the sentence on the outside of the envelope. Give it to the students so that they can practice their sentence puzzles. On another day let them put the sentence in order, glue it to a sheet of paper and illustrate.

Find a list of great winter books for read alouds for toddlers or preschoolers, right here on Bright Hub Education.

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