Four Traditional Songs About Hanukkah to Sing With Preschoolers

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Teaching your preschoolers these Hanukkah songs for kids in preschool is an excellent way to help them feel connected to the holiday. If you decide to introduce them to the more traditional songs, make sure that they understand the basic meaning of the words.

Jump Rope Song

This simple jingle is a fun song for preschoolers who love to jump rope. Continue the jingle by replacing “first” with “second,” “third,” etc., and having your preschooler hop on one foot while chanting “One! Two! Three!” and stopping at the appropriate number.

On Chanukah, on the first night,

How many candles do we light?

One! [Hop one time.]

A Different Type of Dreidel Song

Teach your preschoolers this song, to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”:

I’m a Little Dreidel

I’m a little dreidel,

Watch me spin!

Here are my nun, gimel, heh, and shin.

When I finish spinning,

Down I fall.

You got a gimel – you take them all!

Traditional Songs

One of the best ways to help your preschoolers connect with the holiday of Hanukkah is to teach them some of the traditional Hanukkah songs that have been passed down through the generations. The following songs are the beginnings of traditional Hanukkah songs that you can find on many Jewish children’s tapes. Listen to them with your children, and you’ll be surprised about how quickly you will pick up the unfamiliar Hebrew words to these catchy tunes!

Haneros Hallalu [“These Candles”]

Haneros hallalu anachnu madlikim [We light these candles]

Al hanisim, v’al hanifla’os [on the miracles, and on the wondrous things]

V’al ha’yeshu’os, v’al hamilchamos [and on the salvation, and on the wars]

She’asisa l’avoseinu [that You did for our ancestors]

Bayamim hahaim, bazman hazeh [in those days, at this time.]

Maoz Tzor [“Tower of Strength” (Rock of Ages)]

Maoz tzor, yeshu’asi [Tower of strength, my salvation,]

Licha na’eh l’shabayach [it is fitting to praise you.]

Tikon bais tefilasi [Restore the House of Prayer,]

V’sham todah nizabayach [and there we will give an offering of thanks]

L’es tachin matbayach [at the time when you have prepared the slaughter]

Mitzar hamnabayach [of the barking enemy.]

Az egmor b’shir mizmor [Then I will finish with a harmonious song]

Chanukas hamizbayach [the dedication of the alter.]

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