Valentine's Day Cards and Mailboxes: Crafts Preschool Children Can Create

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The Special Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s the prefect time to plan some preschool craft projects. You’ll want some ideas that are easy to accomplish that will keep the children busy and engaged. These Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers will require a few simple materials that most classrooms already have, and they will all allow the children to work together to help strengthen their social skills as well.


When Valentine’s Day rolls around and you have your class party, the children will need something to put all of their cards in. This mailbox will hold all of them, and it is also an easy and engaging craft idea.

Materials Needed

  • White lunch bags
  • Red ribbon
  • Sponges
  • Hole punch
  • Paint (Tempera paint works best because it is washable and non-toxic) in a variety of colors
  • One paint brush per child
  • One small plastic or Styrofoam cup per child
  • Water (faucet is fine)
  • Paper towel
  • One pair of scissors


Pass out one paint brush, a few small sponges, one white lunch bag, a few sheets of paper towel, and one cup (half full with water) to each child. Group the children in groups of four to five and have them all sit at the same table. Make sure each table of children has a variety of paint colors (especially Valentine’s colors such as pink and red). Make sure the paints are all poured into cups so the children can use them easier.

Have the children decorate their mailboxes any way they like and allow the boxes to dry thoroughly. Now, fold the edges of each bag over twice, and use the hole punch to punch holes every inch along the fold. Using the red ribbon, weave it through the punched holes. Let the children punch the holes and do the weaving, but be sure to assist them. Now, cut a slit large enough to get Valentine’s in. (The teacher should do this because the children may accidentally hurt themselves with the scissors).

Valentine’s Day Cards

These Valentine’s Day cards are about the same size as a baseball card.

Materials Needed

  • White construction paper (you will need a lot of this–the number of students times five)
  • A pair of scissors (will only be used by teacher)
  • Crayons (one box per child)
  • One pencil per child
  • One large basket


First, the teacher needs to take the time to cut the construction paper into the cards. Each child will make five cards so multiply the number of students by five and that is how many will be needed. It is a good idea to cut some extras just in case a few children need an extra one for mistakes.

Make sure all children have a pencil, a box of crayons, and five of the cut pieces of white construction paper. Allow them to decorate them as they like. Once the students are all done have them place all of their completed Valentine’s cards in the basket.

During the class Valentine’s Day party, have each child place their card mailboxes on their seats. Then have each child take five Valentine’s and pass them out to the other students. Make sure all students get a nearly equal amount of these cards so nobody has hurt feelings.

These ideas are all easy, and students will be successful in creating them. They also allow the students to enjoy artistic freedom because they can draw or write just about anything they want on the cards.

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