How to Make a Simple Preschool Valentine Card: 3 Ideas and 3 Books to Read

Valentine Cards

Valentine's Day, which is a holiday that is celebrated yearly on February 14 by people around the world, is most closely associated with the exchange of love notes in the form of valentines. Every year, approximately 188 million Valentines are exchanged between lovers, friends, and family members. Making a simple preschool Valentine card is the perfect Valentine's Day activity for young students in the preschool classroom. This preschool activity suggests some book kits for making your own Valentine as well as instructions for making Valentine cards from scratch.

Valentine Books

The following recommended books provide instructions and materials for making simple preschool cards.

Make Your Own Cards

Written by Peaceable Kingdom Press and illustrated by Cynthia Jabar, Make-Your-Own Valentines includes twenty cards, twenty envelopes, and 150 stickers for making your own cards. This kit is great for a small preschool classroom.

Make Your Own Valentines by Lisa Rojany-Buccieri is another recommended kit to help kids make their own cards. It includes thirty-two cards and thirty-six stickers. Although the suggested age group from this book is children between the ages of nine and twelve, the cards provided in this Valentine kit can be adapted for younger students.

The make-your-own cards in Straight from the Heart: A Make-Your-Own Valentine Card Kit by Mara Conlan can also be adapted to the skill levels of preschool aged students. This kit comes with fancy paper, one hundred stickers, and a stencil sheet as well as instructions and decorating tips.

Cards That Are Easy For Preschoolers

Doily Valentines

Doily Valentine

  • Materials: red, pink, and white heart doilies; glue sticks; markers or crayons
  • Preparation: Open the packages of doilies and separate the individual doilies from each other.
  • Instructions: Allow each student to choose two to four heart doilies of different sizes and colors. Show the preschoolers how to glue the smaller doilies on top of the larger doilies. The teacher should finally help each student write a message on the front doily with a marker or crayon.
  • Optional: Allow the students to draw on the front doily instead of writing a message.

Construction Paper and Sticker Valentines

  • Materials: red, pink, and white construction paper; Valentine's Day stickers
  • Preparation: Cut each large sheet of construction paper into fourths.
  • Instructions: Allow each student to choose a small piece of construction paper. Pass out the stickers. Instruct the students to decorate their cards with the stickers.

Candy Cane Valentine

Candy Cane Valentines

  • Materials: red, pink, and white cardstock; glue sticks; candy canes; glue
  • Preparation: Cut the cardstock into rectangles of various sizes.
  • Instructions: Allow each student to choose two to four cardstock rectangles of various sizes and colors. Show the preschoolers how to glue the smaller rectangles on top of the larger rectangles with the glue stick. Pass out two candy canes to each child. Do not unwrap the candy canes. Help each student glue the candy canes onto the front of the cardstock in the shape of a heart. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Making a simple preschool Valentine card is a fun and easy activity for the preschool classroom during the month of February. Preschoolers will love celebrating this holiday with these preschool Valentine card ideas.


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