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Have a Spider Party! Day Five of a Week-Long Kindergarten Unit

written by: ARobin • edited by: Laurie Patsalides • updated: 7/12/2012

After a week of learning about spiders, throw a spider party! Students will learn facts about spiders and webs through stories, art, games and math and language exercises all while having tons of fun!

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    This is the final addition to the spider portion of the series of kindergarten harvest lesson plans. To celebrate the knowledge of spiders, a simple party will be hosted today that will allow the children to chance to break the piñata made in the previous lesson.

    Here are the things that are needed for today's lesson:

    Baked sugar cookies (one for each child)

    Black icing


    Poster board

    Strip of black construction paper


    Stick (for piñata)

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    Circle Time Discussion

    Review spider facts.

    Plan a spider party- use the circle time area for breaking the piñata.

    Sit children at a safe distance away from the piñata.

    Blind fold one child at a time and allow them one swing at the piñata.

    (hint: start out with the smallest children first since they will more than likely not be strong enough to break the piñata at first swing)

    Play energetic children's music while the children are taking turns trying to break the spider piñata.

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    This art project will be eaten as soon as it is put together. Please be sure that the children wash their hands before working with food.

    Provide each child with a baked sugar cookie, black icing and a toothpick.

    Instruct the children to decorate the cookie by dipping the toothpick into the icing. Children should decorate the cookie as a web or as a spider.

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    Math Skills

    Play the spider count game from the previous lesson.

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    Language Skills

    Pin The Leg On The Spider

    On the poster board, draw a spider and put 7 legs on it, leaving an open space for the eighth leg.

    Adhere double sided tape to the end of the spider leg so that it will stick where ever it is placed.

    Blind fold one child ad a time and instruct the onlooking children to direct the blindfolded child by using directional concepts. "Go up, down, left, right,etc."

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    Teacher Notes

    If time allows, pop popcorn and watch the full length movie of Charlotte's Web, which is an hour and a half in length.