Kindergarten Lesson on Spider Webs: Day 2 of a Week Long Unit, Includes Fine Motor Activity, Language Arts & Math

Kindergarten Lesson on Spider Webs: Day 2 of a Week Long Unit, Includes Fine Motor Activity, Language Arts & Math
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Materials and Preparation

To be able to present this lesson plan in its fullest capacity, you should collect the following items prior to the start of class:

  • Reproducible picture of a spider web
  • Bug stickers
  • Black construction paper
  • Yarn cut into at least 4" pieces
  • Washable white paint
  • Note cards
  • Scrap pieces of yarn

Circle Time Discussion

  • Review spider web information.
  • Place a picture of the spider web somewhere in the circle time area.
  • As the children come to the circle time area, have them try to find the hidden spider web.
  • Once it is found, have the children sit around it.
  • Ask: “If you found a spider in the web, what should you do?”
  • While sitting around the web, place bug stickers on the floor.
  • Have the children choose a bug sticker and stick it onto the spider web.
  • Explain: “That is how spiders help the earth.”

Art Activity - Make String Webs

  • Provide each child with a black piece of construction paper and a small amount of white paint.
  • Give each child a piece of yarn at least 4" long.
  • Instruct the children to dip yarn into the paint and sweep the string in a back and forth motion, creating a web design.
  • Before the paint dries, sprinkle glitter over the web.

Math Skills

  • On note cards, draw a series of shapes, give each child at least five cards each.
  • Instruct the students to trace each shape with liquid glue.
  • Children should cover the glue with yarn.
  • Allow to dry.

Language Skills

  • Ask the children to describe a spider. Record descriptive words on a chart.
  • Note - Answers will be used for a project in tomorrow’s lesson, so be sure to save the words!
  • If possible, have a live tarantula in a jar for the children to closely examine. Ask children to describe its looks, movement and its size.

Suggested Reading

  • Be Nice To Spiders by Margaret Graham
  • The Lady And The Spider by Faith McNulty

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