Make a Spider Pinata: Lesson Plan & Activities

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In today’s lesson of the spider series, you and the class will be reviewing spider and web facts that have already been taught. Today, you will be getting ready for tomorrow’s lesson…a spider party. Here are the things that you will need for today’s activities:

Card stock

Small spider pictures (to adhere to the spinner you will make)

Brad (for the spinner)

Stack of newspaper

1 large brown paper bag

1 small brown paper lunch sack

Rubber bands

Masking tape

Paper mache paste

Orange and black construction paper

Black tissue paper

Assortment of candy and trinkets


Circle Time Discussion

Review spider facts.

Re-read, The Very Busy Spider by, Eric Carle.

Play game to review the names of spiders:

Make a “spider spinner” out of cardstock. Draw a circle and divide it into 6 even pie slices.

Glue a picture of a different spider into each of the slices.

Make an arrow out of cardstock and attach the arrow to the center of the circle with a brad.

Children take turns spinning the spinner and naming the spider that the arrow lands on.


This will be a group art project that will be used for the circle time activity for the next lesson.

Spider Piñata

Shred newspaper and stuff it into a large brown paper bag.

Fill sack with candy and trinkets.

Secure the opening with rubber bands.

Stuff a small brown paper sack with shredded newspaper and attach it to the “body” with masking tape.

Instruct children to cut circles out of black tissue paper.

Each child should wrap a tissue circle around their index finger, dip the circle in paper mache paste, and attach it to the spider’s body.

Cut out eyes and a mouth from orange construction paper and arrange them on the spider’s head.

Bend long strips of black construction paper into eight legs. Attach legs to body.

Set aside to dry in an out of the way location.

Math Skills

Spider Count (black craft pompoms and dice)

Instruct the children to roll dice, then, count out the correct number of pompom spiders.

Language Skills

Play “Spider Rhymes” from a previous lesson.

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