Parenting a Special Education Student

Parents of a student newly diagnosed with a disability that is impacting their child's learning will find themselves thrust into a brand new world that can be confusing, and often, stressful. There are federal and state laws to understand and interpret, special education committees to work with, a whole new terminology to learn - not to mention the natural concerns and worries you will have for your child's future.

Here you will find a collection of articles, advice and opinion written by parents, grandparents and guardians who offer their insight, gained from years of experience. You will also find advice from special education professionals -- teachers who have, and are, working within the special ed system and can provide valuable input on how to work in partnership with the school to ensure your child receives the assistance they need.

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  • How to Help the Challenged Learner Succeed
    Students with learning challenges are not the only ones who struggle. Their parents and teachers encounter challenges working to ensure these children receive the education and attention they need and deserve. Learn some ways to help your child attain success in school.
  • How Technology Can Help Kids with Learning Difficulties
    In our age of vast technology and all of the changes that have influenced education, there are more tools than ever to help kids with learning problems. Some of these tools are implemented by the school while others can be used at home.
  • How to Keep Your Special Needs Child Safe While Participating in Summer Activities
    Seeking information regarding summertime safety for your child with special needs? Find valuable advice on travel, water safety, heat/hydration (including effects of medications), skin care concerns and communication practices. Professionals and parents weigh in with great tips.
  • Summer Camp for Special Needs Students
    Summer camps are a great way to beat the summer break boredom blues. Here are some tips to help you choose the right special needs summer camp for your child.
  • Executive Functions Explained
    There has been ample discussion on the executive functions in recent years and the popular topic has emerged from being largely contained to the medical scene to expanding far into the educational arena.
  • The Basics of Educational Evaluations: Help for Parents
    For many families, choosing to have their child evaluated to dismiss, detect, or confirm a learning disability is an intimidating process. There are various motives for pursuing educational testing and it can be an excellent tool for parents and educators to help a student in need.
  • Learning About Delays in a Child’s Development: Information & Parent Resources
    When a child does not meet her developmental milestones at expected times, she has a developmental delay. Children with developmental delays may qualify for special education services, depending on their needs. Parents and teachers can read on to find information on delays and the interventions.
  • What is the Effect of Summer Break on Students with Disabilities?
    Summer break may have both positive and negative effects on children with disabilities. Some students with special needs adjust well to the "rest period" of a break, while others fare better with consistent academic and social stimulation. Learn what you can do for your child.
  • The Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Special Needs Children
    Many special needs children need occupational therapy so that they can improve their fine motor, self-help, and visual perceptual skills. School based occupational therapy is available through the public education system. Learn how special needs students can qualify for school-based OT services.
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