Parents Can Try a Free Online Dyslexia Test for Kids Now

Parents Can Try a Free Online Dyslexia Test for Kids Now
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Dyslexia in a Nutshell

The problem of dyslexia occurs when it takes the brain a relatively longer time to process the data it has gathered. The trouble lies particularly in the process wherein the brain matches the letters to their corresponding sounds.

Dyslexics find it difficult to learn the alphabet and recognize their name. Without the proper guidance, this condition can lead to an intense dislike of reading which, in turn, can make some dyslexics illiterate. To help parents determine whether their child needs further evaluation for dyslexia, they can turn to online dyslexia tests, which they can avail free of charge.

Early diagnosis of dyslexia is very valuable as this can help parents look immediately for interventions that can aid their children. For instance, these children can be placed in special classes or given one-on-one learning therapies that will allow them to read better and faster as well as improve their comprehension. There are numerous websites that offer good and reliable dyslexia tests .

Reading Horizons Test

According to the website Reading Horizons, it is believed that identifying the main problem helps dyslexics and their parents deal with this learning obstacle. A number of warning signs are listed to help parents determine whether or not their child needs a dyslexia test. The dyslexia test is patterned according to the book Overcoming Dyslexia by Dr. Sally Shaywitz and conforms to the guidelines of the National Dyslexic Association.

Parent and child cooperation is needed to answer the test properly. The parent will be asking a series of questions and he or she must note the child’s answers. The scoring is done after finishing each part of the test, and the range at which the child’s score falls determines whether the child may be dyslexic.

The test is divided into three parts. The first part is a questionnaire that helps assess the reading problem of the child according to his age and grade level; the second part is called the Phonemic Awareness Assessment wherein both the phonemic and syllabic knowledge of the child is gauged; and the third part evaluates the child’s ability to differentiate words that make sense and those that do not.

A good thing about the website is that you can e-mail them if you are finding it hard to interpret the results of the test. A dyslexia expert answers the e-mail so you can be pretty sure that the findings are accurate.

Lexercise Screener

Two kinds of dyslexic tests are combined by Lexercise: the San Diego Quick Assessment and the Z-Screener. A video showing how the test works is embedded on the page just before the test is started, giving an insight as to how parents should conduct the test.

The parent guides the child throughout the test. They should both sit in front of the computer while a series of syllables that do not make sense are displayed on the screen. The child should read the syllables and the parent must record the answers of the child regardless of whether it is correct or incorrect. In addition, the parent should also note if the child made no response because he or she did not know the answer.

In the next part of the test, the computer displays a series of commonly used words. As with the previous part, the child attempts to read the words while the parent records the response. The test stops when the child finishes reading the words that correspond to his or her reading level. This feature prevents the child from reading words that are beyond his or her reading level.

Next, the parent supplies the child’s name and grade level and then submits the responses. After a few seconds, the results are shown and these help the parents decide whether the child needs other evaluations for dyslexia and other similar learning problems.

The company can also help the parent(s) contact a language expert who can help the child learn to how to read with ease. The website also has other software that can be used by the child as a supplement for his or her learning therapy.

Dyslexia Treatment Centre Assessment

This website’s dyslexia test is divided into two categories, which includes one test for children aged 7-13 and another one for adults aged 14 and older. Each test is composed of 10 questions that are basically about the child’s attitude towards reading and school activities. Each question can be answered Yes, No, or Some.

After submitting the answers, the site shows an evaluation in terms of percentage. Moreover, the site also offers for sale an e-book titled Coaching Your Dyslexic Child by Jeff Goodwin, which is a step-by-step guide on how parents should help and teach their children who are suffering from dyslexia.

Many people often take reading problems for granted thinking that the child may just be too lazy to study. However, parents and educators should be more observant. Trying a free online dyslexia test for kids will not hurt. As a matter of fact, it will certainly be beneficial for dyslexics because it could lead to their learning problems finally being alleviated.


Check out each of the websites above for more information.

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