Ramona Quimby Age 8: Teaching Activities For Elementary School


Beverly Cleary is such a delightful children’s book author. She writes as if she were inside the child’s mind. Ramona Quimby, Age 8 is one of her classics. It is listed at a 4.5 reading level but, since the main character is starting third grade, it would be appropriate to read to second and third graders. Ramona Quimby Age 8 teaching activities will give you book follow-up ideas.


Use context clues to discuss the meaning of each word.

commotion (page 62) a confused and noisy disturbance

quivery (page 11) tremble or shake with a rapid motion

calamity (page 101) an event causing great damage or distress

cross (page 19) grouchy

talking-to (page 11) scolding, telling someone that they have done something wrong and reminding them not to repeat the action

defiant (page 84) openly breaking rules

exasperation (page 37) to be extremely annoyed

nuisance (page 68) a person or thing that annoys


1. Write a sentence using each new vocabulary word.

2. Use only one color construction paper for this activity. Write each word on a separate piece of construction paper. Then write a short definition on another piece of construction paper. You should then have eighteen pieces of paper. Place them on the floor; face down in 3 rows of six. Students should sit in a circle on the floor around the cards. Then each student should take a turn finding a match (word and definition).

Story-based Project

On page 137 of Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Sara brings Ramona her homework. Sarah tells her, “Mrs. Whaley said that she wants us to stand up in front of the class and pretend we are selling a book. She doesn’t want us to tell the whole story.”

For her book report, Ramona decides to create a commercial and has her two friends dress up as cats. The teacher really enjoyed it, which made Ramona feel proud. The details of Ramona’s presentation are on pages 155-158.

The assignment is for the students to do the same thing! Create a commercial to “sell” a book and present it to the class.


1. “Sell” a classmate by doing a commercial about their attributes.

2. “Sell” a product that they have created/invented.

Comprehension Game

Preparation for a comprehension game:

1.Prepare enough questions so that every student in your class will get a turn to answer. Some questions are included in this lesson.

2. Using two colors of construction paper, put large X’s on one color and large O’s on the other.

3. Use tape or yarn to create a large tic tac toe board on the floor. Each section should be large enough for a child to sit in one.


Human Tic Tac Toe

Divide students into two teams.

One team is the X team. The other is the O team.

Ask one student from the X team a question. If the answer is correct, the student takes an X and sits somewhere on the game board and hold up the X or O . No one from the team is allowed to say where to sit. That player has to think for himself. Do the same with the O team. Go back and forth until one team has formed a line (across, up and down or diagonal) with X’s or O’s.

Book Questions:

1. What did Ramona call the boy who stole her eraser? (Yard Ape)

2. What grade is Ramona starting? (third)

3. What is the name of Ramona’s sister(Beezus or Beatrice)

4. What was father studying to become? (an art teacher)

5. Who is Willa Jean? (babysitter’s little granddaughter)

6. Who called Ramona a show-off and a nuisance? (Mrs. Whaley, her teacher)

7. Was Beezus going to the same school as Ramona?(no)

8.What did father give everyone on the first day of school? (a pink eraser)

9. When the girls complained about what Mother cooked for dinner, what did they have to do? (cook dinner the next day)

10. Who paid for the dinner in the restaurant? (The old man)

11. Describe the book report that Ramona had to do. (She did a commercial about cats)

12. What did Ramona want to do instead of playing with Willa Jean? (read a book)

13. What is the name of the family cat? (Picky-picky)

14. What did Ramona do to her head/hair in the cafeteria? (She cracked an egg on her head, which she thought was hard-boiled.)

15. Who stayed home to take care of Ramona when she was sick? (her mother)

After reading this wonderful book, follow-up with these Ramona Quimby Age 8 teaching activities, and share with us other ideas for learning based on this story.

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