Ramona Quimby Age 8 Discussion Questions

You have read the book, worked on new vocabulary and replacement words for the verb “said”. Now it is the time to assess your students and determine if intervention is necessary for any of the students. Ramona Quimby Age 8 discussion questions can be used as a quiz or has a study guide.


Use the word bank to choose vocabulary words to fill in the blanks of each sentence.


Word bank:













  1. When Ramona burned her finger while cooking she_______________. (yelped)
  2. Beezus _____________, “I can run faster than you!” (bragged)
  3. Mother gave Ramona a good__________________ about behaving at the babysitter’s house. (talking-to)
  4. Before visiting the principal’s office, Ramona’s insides felt______________. (quivery)
  5. The sisters caused quite a _______________ in the kitchen when they broke dishes, spilled things and burned the dinner. (calamity)
  6. Father _________________, “Tomorrow we are cleaning the house.” (announced)
  7. After a hard day at work, mother was tired and _____________. (cross)
  8. When Ramona found out that the “Yard Ape” was in her classroom she ___________ at him. (scowled)
  9. Ramona thought that Willa Jane was being a ______________because she kept asking her to play silly games. (nuisance)
  10. Mrs. Whaley saw the egg in Ramona’s hair. “What happened to you?” she said in ______________________. (exasperation) When the cook dropped the large stack of dishes it caused a ____________ in the cafeteria. (commotion)
  11. Even though Father called Ramona to come to dinner, she was being __________and refused to come. (defiant)

Study Questions

Use these for a class discussion or as an assessment tool if students answer in writing:

1. Why did Ramona’s opinion of Yard Ape change?

(At first she didn’t like him because he kicked her seat on the bus and stole her new pink eraser. But then he was nice to her when she cracked an egg on her head. He encouraged and teased her in a nice way.)

2. List some of the reasons why Ramona’s family was “stressed”.

Dad was always studying.

Car trouble.

Money trouble.

Fighting with Beezus about going to a party.

Ramona was sick.

Ramona’s problems with Willa Jean.

Girls complained about the dinner.

3. List some of the ways the family tried to make things better.

Dad gave everyone a new pink eraser for the first day of school.

The girls cooked dinner.

Mom stayed home to lovingly care for Ramona when she was sick.

They went out to dinner together for a treat.

4. What did Ramona mean when she said that she was part of a nice sticking-together family? (Even though they had their issues, the family resolved the problems as best as they could and cared about each other.)

Use Ramona Quimby Age 8 discussion questions as an assessment to check story comprehension, acquisition of new vocabulary or as a study guide.

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