Ramona Quimby Age 8 Lesson Plan for 3rd Grade: Word & Math Story Problems

There is so much to do with this Beverly Cleary classic, Ramona Quimby Age 8. Your students will be solving math story problems, predicting outcomes or creating new outcomes and writing some expressive sentences.

I Said So!


Use these words, which are replacements for the word “said” and instruct the students to write sentences to fit the word. For example, if you are using the word “boasted” you might write: “I got an A on my math test,” boasted Ramona. The page numbers are included so that you can read the entries to your students to see if the “said” replacement fits with the sentence in the book. The words also will change the way it is read so have students practice reading their sentences aloud.

boasted-page 22

called-page 24

bragged-page 11

asked-page 27

laughed- page 15

complained- page 18

ordered-page 100

scowled-page 132

yelped-page 65

announced-page 39

Predicting the Outcome or Creating the Outcome!

You can use chapter titles in two ways:

1) Read the chapter title to the students and have them predict what will happen in the chapter. Do this with each chapter before you read it so that students can use prior knowledge of previous chapters before making predictions.

2) Complete the entire book and then read each chapter title and have the students craft a different story from the original. You could assign different chapters to small groups of students and present the ideas to the whole class.

Chapter titles:

1. “The First Day of School”

2. “At Howie’s House”

3. “ The Hard-boiled Egg Fad”

4. “The Quimby’s Quarrel”

5. “The Extra-good Sunday”

6. “Supernuisance”

7. “The Patient”

8. “Ramona Book Report”

9. “Rainy Sunday”

Ramona’s Story Problems

It’s always effective to work across the curriculum whenever possible. Here are some math word problems centered around events in Ramona Quimby, Age 8:

1. Ramona, of course, is age 8! Her father is forty. What is the difference in their ages? (32 years)

2. Just to be sure, Ramona hard-boiled 2 ½ dozen eggs! How many eggs is that? (30 eggs)

3. Ramona used three ½ yards of fabric to make costumes for her book report. How many inches of fabric is that? (126 inches) How many feet? (10 ½ feet)

4. The fabric cost $3.50 per yard. How much did she pay? How much change did she get back from a $20 bill? ($12.25)

5. The new transmission for dad’s car cost $2, 325.00 and the labor cost $750.00. What was the total? ($3,075)

6. Romona’s corn bread takes 28 minutes to bake. If she put the pan in the oven at 4:45, what time will it be done? (5:13)

7. Ramona helped Willa Jean unpack two boxes of books to put on the shelf in the playroom. If one box had 34 books and the other box had 18 books, how many books in all? (52)

8. The old man paid for the Quimby’s meals in the restaurant. Mother’s meal was $8.98, Father’s meal was $9.45 and the meals for Ramona and Beezus each cost $6.49. What was the total including a $5.00 tip? ($36.41)

9. There are twenty-four students in Ramona’s class. Each student has eight markers. How many in all? (192)

10. The bus ride to school takes 20 minutes. How many minutes for a week of school? (remember: only 5 days in a school week and she rides the bus twice a day) (200 minutes)

Hopefully you’ve found some new ideas for this great book. Your students will be eager to read other Beverly Cleary titles and find out what happens to Ramona’s family.

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