Ideas For Oral Book Report - Study the Main Character By Creating a Coat of Arms

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Student Directions: Coat of Arms

For this assignment, you will use the main character questionnaire to help you design a coat of arms or a shield that represents the main character. Then you will organize an oral report to discuss the novel and explain the coat of arms. Last, you will give your oral report in class.

Preparation for Main Character Shield for Oral Book Report

  • Choose one of the main characters from a story to feature on a shield.
  • Complete the following questionnaire for generating the symbols or pictures for your coat of arms. You can also research symbols, colors and designs on the Internet for a coat of arms to create the shield.
  • Construct the shield out of poster board or other suitable materials. The title of the book and character’s name must be on the front of the shield. There should be a minimum of six items on the shield. The shield should be colorful, creative and neat.

Main Character Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help you to brainstorm ideas for the shield. Remember, only six items need to be placed on the shield.

  1. What is the main character passionate about in the story? Is it a sport, friend, hobby, car, etc.? (Example: silver dollar – His father gave him the coin before he died.)
  2. What item is important to the main character? Or, what item represents the character the best? (Example: basketball – Dan spends most afternoons playing basketball.)
  3. What is one word that describes the main character? (Example: butterfly – Dan goes through a huge change for the better in the story.)
  4. What is one emotion that the character feels intensely or feels throughout the story? (Example: Nervousness – Dan waits to find out if he makes the school basketball team.)
  5. What is the main character’s favorite color? Or, what color represents the character best? (Example: blue – Dan loves the sky and ocean water.)
  6. What is the main character’s favorite song? If one song could represent the main character, what would it be? (Example: You Are My Sunshine – Dan finally finds a friend who can help him with his problems.)
  7. What type of pet does the main character have? Or, what animal is most like the main character? (Example: Panther – Dan is a very fast runner.)
  8. What plant is most like the main character? (Example: cactus – Dan is prickly like a cactus because he enjoys arguing.)
  9. What season does the main character like best? Or, what season best represents the main character? (Example: Summer – Dan loves to run on the beach and play basketball in the sun.)

Evaluation or Assessment Criteria

The following is criteria to assess the oral book report on the main character with a rubric: follow directions, demonstrate understanding of the character, creativity, quality of speech(voice, eye contact, and speed).

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