Lesson Plan: Organize a Book Talk and Make a Book Jacket

Let’s Talk

Each student can share a book with the class each month or each grading period. As students share important information about the author and the book, they can use the newly designed book jacket as a visual aid for their presentation. Please remind students to not tell the ending or resolution so that others will read the book. They should organize the book book talk and make the book jacket to persuade other students to want to read the book to find out what happens to the main characters.

Book Share Required Elements

Information that the students should give in their book share are as follows:

  • Author's name and title of the book
  • Setting
  • Main characters (protagonist and antagonist)
  • Main conflicts
  • Climax
  • Theme, symbols and/or point of view
  • Why other students in the class may like or not like the book.
  • Rate the book and tell the book deserved the rating. It can be zero to five stars.


To highlight the important information found on the covers of most books, the students will create book "jackets".


  1. Fold the paper on the top and bottom edges under so that it fits the size of the book. Wrap the paper around the book and tuck the extra length of the unfolded edges under the book cover.
  2. On the front, list the title of the book, the author, and the major characters. Draw a picture of the story climax, with a two-sentence description. The picture should not be the same as the current book jacket. Be creative and think about important events in the book to draw.
  3. On the back, write a brief synopsis of what happened in the course of the story.Choose additional pictures that relate to the book to complete the design.DO NOT COPY WHAT IS ON THE BACK OF the BOOK!

Evaluation and Assessment

  • Format (Were the directions followed? Were all required items discussed?)
  • Thoroughness (Is there enough detail to support ideas?)
  • Creativity (Is the book jacket colorful, interesting, and neat?Does the book jacket depict the novel?)
  • Writing (Is the content correct? Did the student use correct writing conventions?)
  • Speech (Was there good eye contact? Was the speech loud enough and the correct speed?)

After students organize the book talk and make the book jackets, students can hang their book jackets up in the classroom. This is a creative way to help students to choose books in the future.

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